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                                  " Beverly Hills on Ice - a Winter Wonderland"


    Beverly Hills.CA:
    Sunday November 19th 2000.


    This great ice show was put together by the Beverly Hills Chamber of  Commerce and was the major part and focal point of the City's 15th annual holiday lighting ceremony.

    video: http://hollywood.com/pressroom/events/beverlyhillsonice/video.html

    One of the most famous and beautiful streets in the World - Rodeo Drive, was closed and a portable rink approx. 40ftX60ft was put up at the Wilshire Blvd end.. Three tons of crushed ice were hosed down by water for 24 hours, until a beautiful ice surface was created. About 1,000 seats (VIP, reserved,   bleachers) were installed. Of course many more watched from the windows of  nearby buildings.  The price for the tickets were till US$250. The show was sold out!   Professional lighting and sound was installed all around the rink. The ice was beautifully illuminated.  Famous Hollywood actress Catherine Hicks introduced the show.

    First up was "Star-Pasha  and Cast", a nice ensemble number. Skating to 'Carol of  the Bells'.
    Members included: Lucinda Ruh, Surya Bonaly, Lu Chen, Scott Williams, Travoti & Witherby and "special guest" eight years old Marina Guterres - who won a competition to skate with Pasha!

    Next was "Lucinda Ruh", skating to 'Piano Concerto #1'. Great spins and combinations of same. The "City of Angels Ice Theatre" (eight local female skaters) performed to 'Les Patineurs'.
     "Surya Bonaly" performed a nice program to "Anastasia" (complete with backflip!) and "Lu Chen" (looking great in a white shiny and fur lined costume !) vamped her way thru 'Santa Baby!'
     Next was "Scott Williams" who 'barrel-rolled' his way thru 'Let it Snow.' Then a long time pro couple, "Lia Travoti & Russ Witherby" skated to 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.'

     Next up was "eight year old Marina Guterres" who cried when chosen, as Pasha  is her "inspiration" - and she was absolutely "thrilled" to be skating with  Ice Angel Pasha!


    She skated to 'Somewhere in My Memory' - very cute!!! Then the Star of the show emerged again, Pasha  skated to "Magic". This was a very special routine that she put together with Cindy Stuart. Spending hours too with a professional magician from Los Angeles' Magic Castle. The routine involved Marina Guterres again. Pasha  skated a number of solo moves: including amazing footwork, spins, spirals and beautiful body/handwork, solo and  with Marina!!!! The finished TV shots are incredible!. Pasha's  hair and makeup was specially done by Jose Eber salon of Beverly Hills. Pasha  wore a newly made outfit - mostly pink, with scarves and lots of sequence!  The end of Pasha's  routine involved making a 'white Dove' appear (by magic!)  to be released into the night......... Of course the audience loved Pasha very much and gave her a great applause!

     Next "Rick Alexander" skated to 'Waltz of the Flowers/Jingle Bells Rock'. Finally Santa Claus and Marina appeared skating to'Sleigh Ride', followed by the entire ensemble and cast. Last to appear  was once more Ice Angel  Pasha.......who skated some more great moves to the delight of the guests!!!! The lights of the City of Beverly Hills were then turned on by the Mayor. The skaters and their VIP guests were treated to a champagne reception at Tiffany's on Rodeo Drive - complete with little Xmas gifts!!! This show was televised and will be shown on local cable TV. 

    Example: Miami Station PLG, 9th Dec @ 5:00pm!, Dallas KXTX, 24th December @ 8:00pm!

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