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Well loved Fairy tales on Ice Tour

 Photos copyright J. Barry Mittan, Jay Ward, Pasha

A 14 city/22 performance professional  Ice Tour of Louisiana and Texas.      Nov 30th -December 23rd 2001.

Starring   Pasha  (Oksana  Grishuk)     the only  Lady  Two-time  defending Olympic  Gold   Medallist  and  Five   time World Champion in Ice-dancing ice!

                                                                Report  of the first  Nutcracker & Cinderella Ice show


    ACT I

Little girl appears and skates around a Xmas tree and gift parcels with a candle which then lights up. Performs in a beautiful pink dress to ‘Silent Night.’

Her Mother (Liz) and Father (Eric) enter and try to get her to go to sleep amongst presents by her bed. She dreams…, opens eyes to collect a beautiful Cinderella doll from a wrapped package, then the bed spins around and leaves the stage.


Pasha enters as industrious and charming Cinderella in a cream gown. Narration over the rink speakers is heard, explaining the Cinderella fairy tale for the audience. Cinderella starts “cleaning, working”. ..

After a very hard day at work,  like  every beautiful girl,  she dreams of being a dancer:  Cinderella  begins her  heavenly solo  waltz routine to great applause. Pasha's ‘spiral’ has to be the best in the business – such height and time held is  incredible! Her back spin is really beautiful – truly a Ballerina on Ice!!! She has the  greatest  edges and  the  some of the  most  precise turns and chocktaws  I have ever seen. I think she's an absolute genius.

Stepsisters arrive (Eric and Derek in full ‘drag’ – hilarious) and boss Cinderella around.

Stepmother (Faith) now enters and joins Stepsisters and Cinderella.

Messengers (Olga and Kristy) arrive and the story narration is heard again over the rink speakers. There is an invitation to the King’s Ball!  Stepsisters try on ball clothes and fight amongst themselves. There are no clothes for Cinderella, she must stay at home and work. Of course she is sad.. Who wouldn't dream of being at the ball?


Cinderella skates her second solo routine - full of emotion and captivates with the power and sincerity of the expressed feelings, worked beautifully with music and filled single skating with her magical Ice-dancing choreography. When Pasha skates, you look at her and cannot turn your head, you are afraid to breathe because you might destroy the magical atmosphere that she makes during her performance.

Pixies (Marina and Taiga) enter through the fireplace. They sprinkle fairy dust on a pumpkin. .

Fairy Godmother (Liz) enters with Pixies, Mouse (Jessica) and Coachmen.  Great news! Cinderella will go to the Ball after all!!!  Pasha changes quickly and returns in a custom made light blue gown.


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