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Skating Legend Pasha Oksana Grishuk's  years of hard work have paid off.


    Oksana "Pasha" Grishuk , began her historical skating carrier at age four, becoming Five time World Gold Medallists , the only Lady Two time Olympic Gold Medallist in Ice-dancing,  and amassed a record 26 Gold Medals in all, coming in to the History Books.

    At this time Pasha lives in Beverly Hills, California and embarks as a star soloist skater, show producer, choreographer, commentator, model and an actress in Hollywood. The place where dreams do come true. 'An ice dancer can never change to singles skating', they said. "Someone has to be first!" - said Pasha and showed the world her beauty and magic once more, this time as a solo skater!

    "To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe"

    Within the space of 12 months Pasha produced Beverly Hills and Nutcracker on Ice show at the $650 Million Dollar resort - The Beau Rivage in Boloxi, MS. USA http://www.pasha-grishuk.de/show.html and skated 'solo' in different major ice shows: "Medallists on Ice",  23 performances of Petr Tchaikowsky's Classic on Ice.

    She has also appeared in American TV shows: "Beverly Hills 90210", "Happy Hour", "Black Scorpion" AND was the ONLY skater who was invited to play the role of an American idol - Marilyn Manro in the USA on CBS Television!

    Now Pasha is the Star of her own 'episodic series', 'The iPasha Show' on the Internet TV station: lfitv.com

    So far six episodes are complete, the first was broadcast on May 7th 2001. Pasha interviewed 'up and comers' on the entertainment scene: amongst which are, Emel, a singer from Europe, a comedienne from Los Angeles and  a top band from the USA - SR-71, in Hollywood. Pasha has also modeled couture collections in Beverly Hills; and as a symbol of skating's beauty - completed a shoot for American Playboy magazine. Soon she will grace the 'cover' as a celebrity model (rumored in time for the next Winter Olympics in February 2002.)

    Pasha has also appeared on the cover of the prestigious lifestyle magazine - 'Beverly Hills213', narrated 'Sleeping Beauty on Ice' (televised) and has several motivational video's for sale - the 'Lets Talk Success with Pasha Grishuk' series on 'Pasha items Store' http://www.pasha-grishuk.de/videos.html

    Pasha is also an Ice-rink Director in Los Angeles, President Olympic Academy, a coach and choreographer. Some of her students fly to America from as far away as Japan for her skating secrets and Pasha has just announced to the world her opening of the 'Oksana Pasha Grishuk - Olympic Figure Skating Academy' in Southern California. One of the world's most successful skaters personally teaches her unique methods and reveals training techniques that apply to beginning and advanced skaters of all ages. Internationally reknowned, the only Two-time Olympic Gold Medallist Ms. Oksana 'Pasha' Grishuk sponsors her favorites charities: Free Classes for talented children from LA Orphan houses.

    "My mission is to give to my students all the very best of my over two-decades of figure skating and choreographic knowledge and share all my great experience with them, in order to bring the younger skating generation to championships level. I will offer free classes to my charity, talented children from LA's orphan houses." said Pasha.

    Private and group classes, choreography, ballet, modern-jazz.
    Southern California area. Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Academy information site:


    The internet has become her 'medium' and the way to keep in touch, and spread the news with her fans worldwide. She was one of the first interviewees on 'Skateradio.net.' (Go to 'archives' http://skateradio.net/Home/) then had a major feature on the portal, 'About.com' http://figureskating.about.com/sports/figureskating/library/interviews/blinterview_e.htm again on 'Eyada.com' and recently (April 2001) KRLA Radio, heard as far away as England and Japan by their broadcast on the net.

    Hollywood.com interviewed her for Beverly Hills on Ice www.pasha-grishuk.de/beverly.html and more: http://www.pasha-grishuk.de/beverly_photos.html

    Pasha's Official Website:  www.pasha-grishuk.de  has garnered record of over 107 000 visitors in only two years! In addition to which there are more than ten internet websites produced by fans in England, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Italy, Russia and the USA.

    Along the way she accumulated a vast array of honors. The President of Russia Boris Yeltsin awarded her two of the highest Goverment Orders:

    *) "Supreme Order of Friendship of Nations" which was presented by President Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin, Moscow, March of 1994.

    *) Order for outstanding achievement in Sport, for courage and heroism - Great Services Preformed for the Fatherland– Presented at the 25th Olympic 3d Degree (the highest degree in Russia) Games in 1998, awarded by Boris Yeltsin, the President of Russia, Moscow, Kremlin, February 1998 http://www.pasha-grishuk.de/decree_from_yeltsin.htm

    *) Six times Pasha has been presented 'Honor Credentials' by Antonio Samaranch /President of the IOC, Gerhard Heiberd /President of LOOC and Henrik Andenaes /Managing Director of LOOC in 1994 Olympic Games, 1994 World, 1995 World, 1996 World, 1997 World, Olympic Games 1998.

    *) In America Pasha was awarded the "Key to the City of Marlborough, – by Mayor William Mauro. So the 16th March is Pasha’s Day in Masachusetts.

    *) Two times 'Honor Credentials', February 1994 and February 1998 from Premier of the Parliament, Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov

    But these are NOT the most important to Pasha. There is also another side to her: she is very much involved with charity, especially children charities and orphan houses.

    "Please remember that childhood is a treasure and a right and we all are responsible for that" - said Pasha.

    Just recently the Patriarch of Moscow awarded Pasha the very highest honor for her ongoing good works for charity: http://www.pasha-grishuk.de/patriarch.html

    Once again in November 23rd 2001 Pasha was Star as the headliner in the professional show - 'Beverly Hills on Ice'. She skated four unique numbers, choreographed by herself and became standing ovations!. This time around the show at the great Beverly Hills Civic Center and was televised for National and International viewers.

     Pasha will also Star in the 16 city/22 show tour 'The Nutcracker and Cinderella - for the First Time on Ice.' This production will tour the southern United States from November 29th, through December 26th, and Pasha will be seen by over 1 000 000 skating fans!

    Pasha's life really is a fairy tale full of sensations and surprises. Her famous 'lilac' skating boots are exhibited in the USFSA's Hall of Fame Figure Skating Museum in Colorado Springs http://www.frogsonice.com/skateweb/photos/museum/pasha.jpg with her outfits and a continuous video tape of her Olympic winning performance - 'Memorial' by Michael Nyman.

    Pasha was recently honored by the modern artist: Christian Reese Lassen - who gave her an original, signed work - for her ongoing charitable and sporting achievements.

    Pasha was also the honored guest at NASA's 40th year celebration - she was interviewed on America's favorite 'pop' TV station, 'MTV', on the Mandy Moore Show!

    Then on another day she may be filming The iPasha Show for Lfitv.com (latest episodes now on a CD!) or choreographing a skating routine for a student, or putting the finishing touches to her own routines for next season. Each time Pasha shines brighter and stronger, a symbol of human strength and determination.

    Pasha provided award-winning choreography for Grishuk & Platov during her long eligible career and was honored by judges for her choreography, the highest marks (for 1994-1998 skating seasons Pasha had a history record of over 700 of the highest marks)!.

    Ms. Oksana Grishuk has also been honored by having one of her 'free-dance' performances - Rock' n' Roll - selected by the ISU as an 'Original Dance', for test&competitive skaters, at the Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan in 1998. The Olympic '98 Original Dance "Jive" is based on the 'Rock' n' Roll Free Dance' choreographed  by Ms.Oksana Grishuk and  performed by her&partner as their sensational gold medal winning performance at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, 1994. .

    After unbelievable success in her eligible sporting career Ms. Oksana Grishuk has created beautiful and winning choreography for skaters from all over the world: from Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the United States and Japan; (including, but not limited to: "Ballet on Ice ", "Beverly Hills on Ice", "Nutcracker on Ice").

    Pasha lives life to the fullest and at a fast pace!

    Some of her latest activities:-

    May 8th 2001. Pasha makes a commercial for NBC TV in Los Angeles. A promotion for 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. She appears on ice and plays TWO parts. Skater and coach!.

    May 27th 2001. Pasha is the guest of HRH Prince Albert , staying at the Grimaldi Palace for three weeks, and for the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. Second year running. Photo’s: http://www.pasha-grishuk.de/prince_albert.htm

    August 2001 - Pasha in Europe! Pasha recently returned from a month long trip to both Germany and Spain. While in Espana Pasha choreographed a complete TV video for one of Spain’s leading bands.

    August 2001 - Pasha's 'Ice Dance Expert' column for SoCal Ice magazine is now available. Volume One, Issue Two. Season Wrap Up. Pasha discusses the top ice dance teams: Fusar-Poli & Margaglio, Anissina & Peizerat, Lobacheva & Averbukh, Drobiasko & Vanagas, Chait & Sakhnovsky, Navka & Kostomarov and others. With her Two-time (and reigning) Olympic Ice Dance Champions expert eye, Pasha analyses their respective strengths - and, in her opinion, areas for improvement; to even have a chance of winning the coveted Olympic gold medal!  Order the magazine from the publishers online and read Pasha's column for yourself: www.socalice.net

    September 2001 Pasha at ‘The Venetian Ball’ - (Balle Del Doge) http://www.thevenetianball.com/eventinformation.htm   Pasha wore a truly beautiful silver ball gown and mask. As a member of the Board of Governors, Pasha was on a par with other 'board' members such as the producer Ron Howard, world reknowned chef Wolfgang Puck and actors Dyan Cannon and Robert Davi. The Venetian Ball was held in Beverly Hills, Saturday September 8th, and benefits the Starlight Children Foundation. Through wish-granting and many other innovative programs the lives of over 5,000 children and their families are affected each month. The ‘Ball’ was sponsored by (among others) Ferrari and Versace.

    October 2001. Pasha is sponsored by "the world’s greatest place to workout!". The Sports Club LA. http://thesportsclubla.com/Clubs/template.asp?Club=LosAngeles

    October 2001. Pasha signs with Meridian Models Agency in Los Angeles. This world famous agency wants to promote Pasha for both print modeling and television commercials    http://www.ddoagency.com/Meridian_Models/meridian_models.html

    October 2001. Pasha is accompanied by her Agent to a very prestigious '$1,000 US Dollar a person' charity event in Beverly Hills.

    November 2001, Beverly Hills on Ice. Producer & Star Beverly Hills show, choreographed by herself, made for television                  http://heatherw.com/mk/sch.htm#syn

     Nov/Dec 2001. Producer&Choreographer&Star   Nutcracker&Cinderella on Ice.   Pasha embarks on her 16 city/22 show tour of southern USA with full support of ten professional skaters.

    So much to do, so little time...soon will be 2002, one thing is for sure - she will be very busy and very successful as always. Pasha is truly living the American dream.


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