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    Olympic Skating Academy under directorship of the only Lady Two-Time Olympic Gold Medallist in Ice-dancing history Oksana Grishuk -'Pasha'. For all ages and interests, for private and group classes: skating, choreography, ballet, modern-jazz. In the state of CA: Los Angeles and Orange County areas.


    Ms. Oksana Grishuk proved for all to see her love of sport, art, beauty and perfection on ice during her eligible career with her outstanding archievement in Figure Skating and Sports history, winning a record total of 26 Gold Medals. Her famous lilac boots can be seen at the USFSA'S World Hall of Fame Museum in Colorado Springs, CO, together with a continuous looped tape of her personally choreographed 1998 Olympic Gold Medal winning routine - 'Memorial Requiem'.

              Ms. Oksana Grishuk provided award-winning choreography for Grishuk&Platov during her long eligible career and was honored by judges for her choreography the highest marks. 

    Ms. Oksana Grishuk has also been honored by having one of her 'free-dance' performances- Rock' n' Roll - selected by the ISU as an 'Original Dance', for test&competitive skaters, at the Olympic Games in Nagano,  Japan in 1998. The Olympic '98 Original Dance "Jive" is based on the 'Rock' n' Roll Free Dance' choreographed and performed by Ms.Oksana Grishuk and her partner as their sensational winning performance at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, 1994.

    After unbelievable success in her eligible sporting career Ms. Oksana Grishuk has created beautiful and winning choreography for skaters from all over the world: from Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the United States and Japan; (including, but not limited to: "Ballet on Ice ", "Beverly Hills on Ice", "Nutcracker on Ice").

    "My mission is to give to my students all the very best of my over two-decades of figure skating and choreographic knowledge and share all my great experience with them, in order to bring the younger skating generation to championships level.

    One of the world's most successful skaters personally teaches her unique methods and reveals training techniques that apply to beginning and advanced skaters of all ages.

    Internationally reknowned, Two-time Olympic Gold Medallist Ms. Oksana 'Pasha' Grishuk sponsors her favorites charities: Free Classes for talented children from LA Orphan houses.

    "As a member of my Olympic Skating Academy you will learn how to step on to the ice for the first time, how to develop the precise, disciplined movement necessary to trace figures -- the geometrical patterns based on the figure eight -- and how to execute the dazzling spins and jumps that comprise that branch of figure skating – till you are perfection on the Ice", says Ms. Oksana Grishuk.

    Certainly studying and learning masterful technique as a student in Ms. Oksana's Grishuk Olympic Skating Academy will help you to win your way to the top!


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