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Michelle Mahoneys - 02/29/00 01:56:52
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Your Interests, hobbies: sk8ing,music,beanie babys,dance,my hun~bun
Where do you live: soggy Seattle
Your age: tender & young-21oops !31

My dearest Pasha,How are you my friend!We all Miss you very much! how are thing's with your Mama!& family!Like some,I read your intervew translated by Elena's web site,(By the way thank you Elena for that translation well dun)My heart is broken!you have b en though hell& back!NOBODY should ever put there hands on you like that my friend!Nobody!Im so sorry Pasha that this has happend!Your Mama is so right!you must skate alone! However if you should ever find a partner that is right for you!&I will be suport ve of you!Pasha!We all want you to be happy & safe!I beleve in you !and want the best for you!Im going to stop yacking and preching ! Sorry about that!anywho~Im doing fine & Im just the same!takeing Amara skating 5-6 days a week!She went to Eugene Or, for her first compeaition of the year,& skated 2 events,the technical-she placed 5th~she skated a wonderful progrham but messed up her D~step sequence,!Amara is now hungery for a win& pratices like a mad child!over&over agen & cryed the other day when her coa h told her that they did not have a lession that day!Amara said to me she want's more then ever to inprove her skating & win !I told Amara just to have fun & do your best and the rest will happen!but have fun !is skating fun to you?I askked her,she said y s but I want to win,& I want to be the best that I can be!she also skated the spotlight & placed 2nd!she was happy with that& she told me that she wanted to send Pasha a video tape of her skating ! Now we are off to Canada in march USFSA compaition,then T coma Washingtion.so thats how & where we are at now with skating.Has anyone seen Karen's updated web site (her new Photos) they rock!I love her dress & her Pasha move looks Killer!-check them out ! I really love her web site&she really has dun a fine job n it!clare sent me some really great post cards of her home in canada!& we really enjoy looking at them !my daughter tock the book marker right away!&still has it! thank you so much clare!I wonder how everyone is doing!?we have not herd from Kimmy & Andy in so long!I wish everyone much love & happyness ! write soon!Miss you Pasha!& love you! I also want to wish Anushka my best & I hope she is feeling better soon!BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU & TO PASHA!your friend Michelle!

Karen - 02/27/00 23:08:20
My URL:http://community.webtv.net/iceskater2/notes

Hi Everyone, I have put 3 pages of my skating photos on my site, the first page is me doing THE PASHA, hope you like them. When you get to the site click the blue next button after the black text, the hightlighted link is broken. When you are done, go HOME( it will e spinning and go to PHOTOGALLERY2 (list of links) towards bottom., not 1, none of you have seen that one and there are GREAT PASHA pictures throughout the entire site. Annushka and Pasha are at the end. Hope all of you are well. Amara I am proud of y ur competition keep up the good work...... Love to all. PASHA I emailed you, I am on vacation, hope we can get together and skate.

Bevelusha - 02/26/00 09:17:55
My Email:b.iglai@mciworld.com
Your Interests, hobbies: Almost everything!
Where do you live: Naples
Your age: Do I have to tell?
Your profession: Certified Hospice Nurse

Hello Pasha, Darling Girl!!!! Thomas is back!!!! (There is so much information circulating on the internet that my head is spinning.) (I'm sorry for making light of things.) I am happy to be reading a post from Thomas. ("Hello Tommy!" I wish you all succe s in your new homeland. Just think...when you become rich and retire, you can retire to Florida. LOL) Pasha, I have read Elena's translation of your news article, and I am still stymied by it. You have suffered so much in your life. But, I beg you to plea e put the past behind you. Come out swinging into your future. It will be all rewarding for you. Your talent as a skater is unrivaled. Your fans...we all love you and wish you the BEST. Love, Bevelusha

Thomas Lattrell - 02/25/00 13:44:59
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My Email:Starchild333@hotmail.com
Your Interests, hobbies: Pasha,Guitar playin',Music at all
Where do you live: California , San Jose
Your age: 29
Your gender: male

Hi Pasha !!! I just want to say hello to you !! I know I was really quite for a long time but my business takes all my time. I watched the EC 2000 in Vienna and I must say that there is not much to say about.Without Krylova/Ovsiannikow there was no opponents for Annissina/Peizerat.So they won with no problems.But I was happy for Dobriazko/Vanagas. They deserved a medal this time. But overall I miss Pasha a lot.There was no pair that could get close to Pasha and Evgeny !!Overall the EC were on a not very high level at all.So far it was a little disappointment for me. So Pasha I want to send you all my best wishes and all my love !!! Also all the best to Anushka,Bev,Jay,Sonja and all the others here on the discussion board. Take care and may all your dreams come true ! bye Thomas

elenna - 02/23/00 20:29:42
My URL:http://PashaGrishuk.da.ru
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Where do you live: London
Your age: 22
Your gender: female

Dear all, I have translated and put on my site article with Pasha's interview from Russian newspaper that was published (I believe) in August 1999. The URL is: http://members.tripod.com/PashaGrishuk/CryoftheSoul.htm Best wishes, Elena

Chellsea - 02/23/00 02:36:02
My Email:Icesk84fun@cs.com
Your Interests, hobbies: Ice Skating
Where do you live: Delaware - USA
Your gender: Female
Your profession: student

Hi Pasha! Thanks for your e-mail. I have a lesson with Natalia on Thursday and will tell her you said "hi". I love your discussion board. It is really neat to talk to you and your fans/friends. "Hi everyone". I'm glad to see the discussion board is orking again. I missed not posting on your board. I hope you do good on your new singles ice skating. I hope you win many more medals. Hope to talk to everyone soon. Bye.

Gene Meyers - 02/22/00 05:01:31
My Email:GMsanjose@aol.com

Hello to Pasha and to everyone, and to Melania, in your brief critique of the ice dancing at the European Championships, I particularly enjoyed your insight that you like a free dance that tells a story, so that the audience can feel some emotion. I am e ated at your keen discernment of this often discounted and sometimes maligned aspect of the free dance--known as the performance and the performer! You are from Italy. Such a wonderful country it is with a rich tradition in the arts--the birthplace of V rdi and of the ballet--and with a proper appreciation by all of its citizens of how such aspects of culture uplift and enrich our lives. Unfortunately, it is not always the same for us in America. Do you know, Melania, that last year the television broa cast of the ice dance competition from the European Championships was preempted in my region in preference to showing the last few minutes of a college basketball game? Can you imagine it, the ABC television network and its anchorman, John Saunders, thou ht that the American public would prefer to watch college basketball players running up and down a count, rather then to view the greatest ice dancers in the world perform their magic on ice? I hope that they were mistaken in their judgement. It is by n means certain that this year's ice dance competition at the European Championships will not suffer the same fate. But I will hope that it does not, and it was wonderful to hear your comments.

ruth - 02/21/00 10:07:37
My Email:ruth_armstrong@hotmail.com
Your age: 18

hello pasha and everyone .i hope you had a great day valentines day and that you are all very well and happy.Thaqnk you pasha for the loving and moving valentines message it brought a tear to my eye and as for explaining your feelings i find that very dif icult too but what you wrote will keep me smiling for a long while yet thankyou so much lots of love ruth XXX

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Zhenya - 02/20/00 02:49:51

Happy belated birthday to this site! Want to hear something cool? Feb 18th is also my birthday:) Sorry I haven't signed the board lately, I have been busy with lots of boring stuff LOL. So, how has everyone been doing? I am fine. Just overcoming a cold I have had for over a month:-( I have 15 flute, recorder and piano students now at a music academy. I just love teaching them! I am having trouble learning Fantasie-Impromtu because I have had not enough time to practice it with teaching, practicing flute and other things. As well, it is very difficult! Oh well, eventually I will get it:)

Mozart - 02/19/00 23:59:01
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Where do you live: Canada
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Your profession: Professional Musician

I love you rpage:) Keep up the good work:)

Claire - 02/18/00 06:24:11

Hello everybody, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PASHA'S OFFICIAL PAGE. In February 18th 1999 a new page was born. Despite one year of existence only, the page is going stronger and the visitors are reaching approximately 34 000. Thanks to the webmaster for creating this little osy place for all Pasha's fans/friends and Pasha herself, where they can meet, change ideas, talk on different subjects, show their love and appreciation or just say "Hi, how are you?", as Bevelusha mentioned. We wish our baby (the page) all success in th world, more visitors and a lot of happy postings. To all our friends we wish to be healthy and happy. To Pasha love and success in everything she does. The Valentine's poem, she wrote, shows her tender, loving and caring soul. We are proud of her high s irituality, one of the reasons for her great success on ice. It's a very good example to some people who decided that their souls are 2$$ to be put in a purse. We must be very grateful to Pasha who managed in those difficult days, when many people measu e everything in money, to keep her heart open for love and divine power of our Creator. I was just thinking..... Is there a prize a drop of tear somebody cried for you,out of deep love, sorrow and devotion in a sleepless cold night!!!!........Lots of l ve to her mum Ludmila, she is a very special person to us, God bless the page her owner and all our friends here. We could see the Message of the CREATOR at http://members.xoom.com/ClaireBD/roses.html Lots of love, Claire and family

Bevelusha - 02/18/00 04:19:36
Your age: 55
Your profession: Nurse

Dear Pasha and Friends, I'm happy that the message board seems to be working again, and I can read all your wonderful posts. Of course, I didn't think that Pasha's webmaster was mad at me. This is the one place where I feel very at home with my friends. P sha, I hope that you are busy fulfilling your dreams, and that all your dreams come true. Love, Bev

Melania - 02/17/00 20:29:28
My Email:melaniaresnigo@tin.it
Where do you live: Milan italy
Your age: 25

Hello dear Pasha and hello everybody. Thank you for you email How are you? I am very well. I have seen wonderfull European! The battle between Yagudin and Plushenko for gold medal was fantastic ! I prefer Plushenko. He was ready to win. And what about Barbara and Maurizio !(Fusar Poli- Margaglio). I am not impartial about them. In my opinion they skated so so so well! So speed and clean. Their latin american was terrific !! I prefered those one to Anissina –Peizeirat. I liked CARMINA BURANA of french but the free programme of Barbara and Maurizio BRAVEHEART was fantastic !I love programme who tellls a story; and that makes you feel same emotions.. I was so happy to see them on the podium ! We italian have done a great support.The wien’s public was too cold . The gala was very good.I really loved ESMERALDA by french. Fuser Poli/Margaglio ‘s gala looks like your 97’ arabian free programme ( but it is not so good!) I enjoyed myself very much. Bye bye.. Pasha do you like this little report ? Ciao !

Michelle Mahoney - 02/16/00 15:48:21
My URL:http://Pasha
My Email:spanknbeans@home.com
Your Interests, hobbies: sk8ing and fun,fun fun , till my daddy take's my t-bird away!
Where do you live: soggy Seattle
Your age: 33
Your profession: gofer,I gore this and I gofer that,take me show me by me!

Dear Pasha, Thank you for the sweet E-mail,& your kind valintine!I sent you a photo of Amara in her spotlight dresss! hope you like it!How are you doing?&how is your family & your Mama? I hope all is well with you & them!how is your Auntie's new house co ming along?I know you spoke of how she was having a new home in Germany bilt. I was just wondering how the house was comming along, The house's in Germany are made to last for ever ! anyway I bet the house will be wonderful.All is fine here at aur home! mara, went to Eugene Oragon,for her frist comp this year.She did skate very well!in her technical,however~she messed up on her D~sequence & placed 5th, Then came the spotlight...Amara was 4th in the line up ! we got to the rink late! she had no warm~up!sh was not eathen checked in yet, I fan to the desk where you check in your music & check in! They fan her music down to the rink ! just as skater #3 was about to take the ice!Amara was #4 skater to take the ice!I tock my seat,I was shaking! #3 skater skate to "Man I feal like a woman"~Shnaya Twayne,as so did skater #2 ! Skater #2& #3 skated to the very same music!~NOT GOOD!Anywho~ skater #3 skated very well! I thought! anyway~ Amara was next to skate!she tock the ice!her costume looked so good! like 300.00 just what it cost to have it made!she looked great!she skated okay,she was alittle off on the ending....But I was happy &very proud of her!she did her best!she got 2 place!I very cute silver medel!she was so proud of her little silver medel!~so am I!But er technical~ she skater so darn good! &pretty!It was that D~step sequence!she has had so much trubble! with it ! now she knows she must do it over &over agen at pratice!Icyjen came to the fink to watch Amara skate !& that was real nice to have her suport Im so proud of my little Amara & how she handled her self after placing 5th! her coach told her that she skated verygood just her d step was messed up,Amara said "I know I must pratice more on that "& When she tock #2 she was suprized!&so was her coach! b t they whee very happy! &of corse I was also!Well that all for now hope you liked the story ~I just thought I would share with you all!your friend skate michelle!~P.S.We love you & hope to hear form you soon!!!!

" Jayka " - 02/16/00 13:39:02
My URL:http://Pasha's
Where do you live: USA

****** In 1998 the Mayor of Marlborough, Massachusetts decreed that today - the 16th. February, would hereby be known as " Pasha Grishuk day" , in honor of the anniversary of Pasha winning the gold medal in Nagano and becoming Two-time Olympic Champion.** ** ('whassisname' was mentioned too, but this IS Pasha's board after all!).

Bevelusha - 02/15/00 05:57:58

Dear Webmaster, don't you like me anymore? My posts keep disappearing. Bev

Elena - 02/14/00 12:20:19
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Dear Pasha, Happy valentine!:-) I wish you have a wonderful date today!You trully deserve to be happy and loved! You give us so much joy!!! Thank you soo much! for your warm words!!! and that you remember all us and care for us! You are trully an amazingl wonderful person! And we love you so much! Please take care of yourself and I wish you'll find a true love in your life who is going to care for you as we all do! Best wishes to you and your family, love Elena:-) Anushka!, I loved the story that you put on your site! Thanks a lot to Jim for giving us read it! Greetings to everyone here:-) And HAPPY VALENTINE!!!!XXXXXX

Pasha - 02/14/00 00:10:16

A Special Valentine for You, My dearest Friends and Fans!!! I want to say that all of you –Anushka, Lenochka, Sandrine, Jey, Angela, Tania&little Angel, Marica, Jill, Norbert, Claire, Jim, Svetla, Sean, Bevelusha, Gene, Jen, Nadine, Christy, Michelle, sweetheart Amara, Ruth, Chris, Erin, Karen, Patricia, Anne, Jane, Kimmi and sweetheart Andy, Margreet, Terri, Jessica, Marie & Joe, Melania, Amber, Sonia, Thomas, ... - all my dear friends and fans, are incredibly special to me. You are so important to my days -- and so essential to the smile within me. That certain space where our lives overlap is the place that brings me the most understanding, the most peace, the nicest memories, and a joy that comes to my heart so constantly. When you read this valentine, my friends, I want you to think of me smiling softly at you, and thanking you... for all that you are... to me. I can't always explain my fe lings the way I want you to understand them. Sometimes when we talk, there are so many beautiful and intense feelings that flow in and out of my soul for you, yet the words as I say them never seem to allow those feelings to touch you. Today, I found thes words, and I realized that there are times I want to tell to all of you that being with you is simply the best way for me to spend my life. And I want you to know that I love all of you today... and for all of my tomorrows. All of you have a beautiful heart that overflows with love and life. You are such a great inspiration, and I just had to tell you. You seem to have a joy in your heart at all times. Your happiness rubs off on others, and it affects me. I can't help but feel happy when I'm around you. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You are excited about everything. A person cannot be interested in all the facets of life without having a loving and beautiful heart... and you do. In order to care, there must be a depth of love and concern for all humanity. You have it. It's in your beautiful heart and in your very s ul. This makes you rare, indeed. Today, I just wanted to let you know what a great contribution you make to the lives of all those who know you... especially me. I am very happy with my single skating and you will see my work very soon. I could not be in Wien at the Europe championships, but I know that my friends from childhood Marina (in both –free and original) and Irina (in original) were fantastic! I hope that somebody who watched Europe championships will send report to us. All the best and always with love Pasha.

Anushka - 02/13/00 13:24:01
My URL:http://www.members.tripod.com/pashasite/stories_Jim.html

Hi everyone, We have updated our site with a new beautiful story written by Jim ( thank you so much for doing this for us!). Happy Valentine to all of you! Love, Anushka

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- 02/12/00 17:43:02

I read a poem the other day that made me think of this place and I want to share that with you. (The writer is unknown) A prayer heard I asked God for strength, and he gave me challenges that made me strong. I prayed for wisdom, and he gave me problems that I learned to solve. I wanted to advance, I got mental and physical power to work with. I asked for courage, and God gave me dangers that I conquered. I longed for love, and i was given people in trouble to help out. Instead of his good will I was given a chance to be good myself. I got nothing I asked for and I got everything I needed. God listened to my prayer!

Michelle Mahoney - 02/12/00 00:52:09
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Where do you live: seattle
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Hi everyone! I hope everyone will start posting agen!How is everyone doing?Iwould like to know what everyone is up to!Pasha I hope your doing fine & I hope your happy!how is your Mom?I hope you had a great valentin's day!&someone speacil gave you somethin nice!Amara and all of us are leaving for Eugean Oragon for her first comp this year! We all leave Tonight!!! it is a 5 hour drive! Im nervis about this comp,I will send Pasha photo's ! dont worry about that!anywho~~~ I will let everyone know how she did ,on monday!Im going to take a nap now !I need some sleep for the drive! wish Amara luck please,my friends! We are thinking of you alway's Pasha! Your friend skate mom michelle

" Jayka " - 02/11/00 23:13:50
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Your Interests, hobbies: USA

** Just wanted to check if all was now working correctly. IF so, let's start posting here again!. Happy Valentine's day to one and all ! *** Jayka,LOL.xxx

Michelle Mahoney - 02/08/00 06:33:44
My Email:spanknbeans@home.com
Where do you live: seatttle

Hi,everyone hpoe all is well.Clarie, we got your post cards! thank you so much! We all enjoyed looking at them! Amara tock the book maker and asked if ahe could have it! I said yes! she uses it for her reading!I would like to send you alittle something so n! Im very bissy this week getting amara ready for compition in Eugene Or. I hpoe they fix this soon!& find out what was wroung!Ill write soon & let everyone know how Amara did in Eugean!

Gene Meyers - 02/04/00 17:38:56
My Email:GMsanjose@aol.com

LOOKING FOR PASHA Was it her blond her, cut medium to short in length; or was it the way she looked on a forward edge? Was it the way she would sometimes cry, as if there was no in between those two extremes of exulation and desolation? Was it a large leo ard skin handbag slung over her shoulder and Versace sunglasses, black and impenetrable? What was it about her that so captivated all of us? What is her essence? In spite of her enforced absence from professional skating competitions this past year, it is not an uncommon occurrence to observe any number of Pasha Grishuk lookalikes at various skating events. And so it was at the most recent Pacific Coast Sectional Championships, in San Jose, California. If not the two-time and reigning queen of Olympic ice ance in the flesh, her facsimiles were present. From my vantage-point in the second floor bleachers at the Ice Centre of San Jose, I happened to espy one young woman in particular as she and her partner prepared to take the ice with another couple for a T esday night practice session preceding the first day of the competition. Her hair was blonde and pulled back into a pony-tale. Something about her caught my attention. Though not the tall, long-legged ice dancer that one has grown accustomed to seeing on he world stage, she was very attractice in form. I should not presume to critique her skating. Be that as it may, I was only interested in the performer. And in that regard, there was something about her; perhaps it was the face I thought. Her partner was not the typical protagonist. His hair was slightly darker than hers, and was cut short as is like a crew-cut in the military fashion. A smile was not readily apparent, rather something more akin to a suspicious stare, as if he were on the lookout for some perfidious conduct. Both were atypical in appearance and behavior, inasmuch as they did not appear to be attempting to conform to an accepted standard, either by their actions or mannerisms. I perceived them as having something to say and wanting to say i in their own way. So they stepped onto the ice with another couple, and began to practice a compulsory dance--a polka. Eventually, they would perform parts of their free dance. A flare for the dramatic accentuated their movements, even as they elicited t e audience's attention with fan-fared bows creatively choreographed as like a free dance. I found myself instantaneously struck by an enigmatic smile. His was no more than implied, a begrudging concession to accepted decorum. Hers captivated and tantalize the imagination with a hint of suggestion. There would be merely two couples competing. The free dance was scheduled as the last event on the final evening of the competition, the senior ladies' long program just preceding it. I noticed her early arrival while the latter event was still in progress. With her partner, she began to stretch and warm-up in a small area designated for that use on the second floor beside the packed bleachers. Ultimately, they began to practice some of the moves they intended to perform on the ice. As I first observed her, she and her partner were the only competitors in the area; nevertheless, they were compelled to share that space with various young people ambling around them, either practicing at or pretending to be skaters. he extra activity did not seem to deter them in any way as each was in a fully concentrated state, and only broke from the routine to intermittently confer with their coach or to simply relax a bit. Her demeanor was staunchly serious and completely belied the confident almost arrogant facade of sensuality that I had first observed on the ice just that prior Tuesday. It reminded me of how easy it is to miscontrue a person, to misinterpret an outward appearance affected for a performance as the being that re ides within. It was obvious to me that she was a very "hard worker." As the last few competitors in the ladies' singles concluded, the ice dancers gathered at rink side and began to pace back and forth in nervous anticipation. The other ice dance couple d d not make an appearance upstairs, rather arrived just shortly before the competition was to begin. The majority of the crowd began to vacate the bleachers at the conclusion of the ladies' event, leaving only a smattering intent upon watching the ice danc rs. Both couples took the ice and began to warm-up. The young lady and her partner would be first to skate. The free dance they were to perform was what I would characterize as theatrical in style, in that the choreography seemed to be designed to convey mood, rather than to simply demonstrate skating technique. However abstract, it all seemed to have a meaning. Her performance evoked passion and sensuality, and seemed to me to be an open expression of herself as a young woman. I was mesmerized. I had no expected to see this kind of dramatic expressiveness in a sectional ice dance competition in North America. The other couple's performance was more traditionally ballroom, as it appeared to be ostensibly a demonstration of technique. There were a number f interesting lifts in their free dance and one in particular that I had seen before. In the second program at the now infamous 1998 World Pro ice dance competition, Pasha Grishuk, in a lift, was being supported in a semi-inverted position with her back a ched and her face just off of the ice surface. Her partner proceeded to then pull her up into him, to cradle her within his arms, and as their visages bowed inward and met, she had placed her hand on the nape of his neck, just so. A fleeting instant and i was past but the effect for me resonated like the ringing of a cathedral bell. Such small things should never be underestimated. The young lady held on to her partner with her hand placed, meticulously, just so, and the effect was equally miraculous. I d d not perceive it as an obvious reenactment. Unfortunately, another of thier lifts did not work as well as they would have liked. As she was suspended between his legs, something happened and he collapsed on top of her. I was stunned by the sudden violenc of it. However, they quickly recovered and proceeded to perform the remainder of their program as if nothing had happened. At its conclusion, they presented themselves to the judges and audience in the manner that I have previously described, and then pr ceeded to leave the ice. Once off of the ice surface, and out of the spotlight, she suddenly broke down and began to sob uncontrollably. It appeared that she might have impacted the ice with her chin. There was no blood but that area was garnering all of he attention, or so it seemed. She wept openly and inconsolably, and had to be physically supported by someone as they proceeded out of my view under the rim of the balcony. That was The last I saw of her. Her name is Disa Steiber and his is Patrick Conno ly. Since only two couples competed, both apparently qualified for nationals. So they should be competing in Cleveland next week, for those who might be interested. Pasha Grishuk is not Russian; she is uniquely American. Disa Steiber, Norma Jean Baker and Oksana Gritschuk are the stuff from which dreams are made. Whether from this country's far-flung regions or from foreign shores, they arise, out of the masses, by the power of their imagination, their passion, and their dreams, to recreate themselves into an embodiment of the "American Dream." May that hope and spirit survive, that did create her, and that continues to live in others, as I discovered just weeks ago. I was not looking for Pasha but I found her anyway--in the rapturous charm of one young lad with a similar dream. Gene Meyers

- 02/04/00 17:24:54

We miss you our sweetheart Pasha!

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For You By ? If I could catch a rainbow...... I would do it just for you And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. If I could could build a mountain Tou coull call it your very own A place to find serenity A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair But let me be what I know best A friend that's always there.



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