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March 1 ...25, 2000

Jill Sievert - 25. Maerz 2000 - 02:44 Uhr
Hello everyone! Sorry if I have not been posting on this board for quite some time. My studies ate up all my time and I had to study very hard for my final exams (good thing I passed it!). It´s a pity that I wasn´t able to greet Pasha on this "NEW" discussion board on her birthday itself because I went on a holiday trip on Canary Islands but I did send an e-card directly to Pasha before just before I left for my holiday trip. Anyway, dearest Pasha- Belated HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I wish you a very bright future ahead of you. We are all here to support you. Oh, by the way, when I got back from my trip and opened my mailbox, I saw an envelope with your name on it. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for the pictures I received. What a pleasant surprise!!!! You really make people happy with your "heart-warming" surprises. I´ve seen a couple of new people around here so I want to say hello to all of you. Since I was not active on this board for a while, I want to welcome Ruth on this discussion board even if it´s too late. To Jen, there´s always a saying- "better late than never"....belated happy birthday to you also. I hope you still remember me. Warm regards to each and everyone here. Till next time. Always, Jill

Anushka - 24. Maerz 2000 - 21:28 Uhr
I wrote this "article" just after Pasha´s debut. I was so thrilled that everything went well I just started to write down what I thought single dance was about and this is the result. My question which was asked at SkateRadio was also based on this. Anyway I thought it might be interesting to you as well. Pasha, love you and miss you! Lots of love to all my wonderful friends. Anushka.

Pasha - 23. Maerz 2000 - 19:56 Uhr
Dear friends, thank you so very much for your wonderful messages, thank you very much to all who had taken a part in this Radio interview, to everyone who had listen Skate Radio and of course who organized this interview - our lovely great Jay and Bevelusha!!. I am very happy that our friendship will grow and grow! It was a great feeling to know that at that time we were all doing the same thing, that we were all thinking the same, that we all thought about each other. It was not easy to recognize your voices, because it was a different sound, than in reality, and truly, I heard many voices for the first time. I was also a little bit nervous, even forgot some English words and at the end I was tired. I hope, next time will be better. Dear darling Amara, your question was so sweet! Wanted to kiss you! Sure, one day you will be a great skater! Our Miyuki is already the first in Japan (her photo is on Fan pictures ), but she is 15. Dear Jim, you are always our Bratishka! Such darling voices from Lenochka, Sandrine, Suzanna, Bevelusha, with our sweetheart Anushka, I spoke earlier, -thank you so very much! Michelle, glad you like my pictures, I sent to Amara. Clover, I hope once to see your beautiful skating! Anna, it´s a pleasure to hear such a kind opinion from you, thank you! Anushka, thank you so very much for such a beautiful autograph side. At the moment I have nearly 100 fans, who would like to have my autographed pictures, sure they will be glad for your great idea! Dear Karen, thank you for wonderful side! You did it with heart and therefor it looks very beautiful. Zhenya, you are right, his name is Vladimir Kowaljov, he is two times World Champion. Randy is a very good coach and a wonderful person, but for me it is easier to work with a coach, who speaks Russian, I understand him better. Dear Jessica, glad to hear from you, we missed you! Dear Marie&Joe, it was a great pleasure for me to know that you thought of me on that day. I will never forget our meeting in Washington and your support there. Dear Jen, thank you so very much for your wonderful B´Day card! Dear Sean, I have danced, when I listen music from your e-card! Dear Tania&Angel, how much I would like to kiss your little daughter, our youngest and sweetest member! Dear Theresa, thank you so very much for your beautiful wishes for me! Dear Ruth, sure that all your work will bring me success and happiness for all us! Thank you very much! Dear Thomas, how much I enjoy your wonderful side! You really have done a great job! Dear Margreet, thank you once more! Glad you could hear Skate Radio as well. By the way, all my family also listened this interview. My mum, grandma and a few family friends came yesterday to my aunt, because she has a computer, and although nobody understands English, they were happy just to hear us. I called them exactly at that time and heard our interview myself (but not long). It´s not the first time that I called them when they were all together, the same was on my birthday, although It was 3 am in LA. I was awake and I thought, let me congratulate my mum on my birthday. She was so happy and said: you are welcome to our party, right now we are eating your favorite cake !  Ah, what I missed! Yesterday I spoke to Evgeny. I am working on my new programs, which will be in newest choreography. This year was very successful, because you wished this success for me! Thank you sooOOOOO very much!!! Always with LOVE Pasha.

webby - 22. Maerz 2000 - 12:34 Uhr
This is the link to the Autographs site: http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/AnushkaR/AnushkaR/pasha_autographs.htm

Margreet - 22. Maerz 2000 - 08:12 Uhr
Pasha, yesterday evening I have heard your interview. What a voice!!!! And what a joy to hear you tell us your storie about skating and acting. I am so glad you are feeling alright.Once again thank you for your personal e-mail to me. Clover, for me in Holland and can receive Skateradio through the Internet, by downloading Windows media player. Love to you all and wish you all the best. Margreet.

Clover Zatzman - 22. Maerz 2000 - 00:57 Uhr
I have a question everyone. What exactly is skateradio. I haven´t heard of this. I would like to hear Pasha´s interview, but I don´t understand what this is. Is it a station on the radio that has this program?

Banannak Banannak - 21. Maerz 2000 - 21:44 Uhr
What a GREAT interview on skateradio. I caught the replay today and it was wonderful! I cannot believe how good her English is. She was so honest and knowledgeable. I think her intelligence really showed through. She even made it a point to say how great her fans are and that they give her energy and power. It was a great interview, very well done!

Jim Hodges - 21. Maerz 2000 - 16:18 Uhr
Gardner Massachusetts
Pasha had a wonderful interview show last night on Skateradio. The show lasted over an hour which is twice the time posted for the show. The first portion consisted of background and interview between Pasha and Joseph Zidrens who is doing a wonderful job in running Skateradio which has been in existance for only a short time. Joseph asked Pasha very good questions about her start in skating, her prior teachers, her career with Platov and her career after Platov. We were treated to the music from her new solo rouines and Pasha explained the routines and her new outfits. They also talked about her other interests such as TV, books and her desire to make movies. They took a four minute break and after the break Pasha took questions from her fans. She closed with a recap of the show and talked about what she lanned to do with her career. Pasha thanked the fans for caring about her and told all of us how much she cared about us. Pasha also thanked her fans of all the support she has received from her fans during good times and bad. As for Pasha, we thank you not only for the thrills you have given us not only on the ice but off. We thank you for the friendship that has become much more than mutual. We wish you the best of luck always. For those of you that missed it, the show will be rebroadcast on tuesday 21, March 2000 at 7PM PST. 10 PM EST and on thursday, 23 March 2000 at 7PM PST, 10 PM EST. If you have not heard it, dont miss it

James Hodges - 20. Maerz 2000 - 19:12 Uhr
Gardner Massachusetts
What a wonderful show on Skateradio. Your interview with the DJ was fantastic, truthful and from the heart. It was much longer than posted which gave your fans much more of what they wanted. Your willingness to answer questions on air from the fans again showed that you care for them and desire to keep in close contact. Thank you for taking the time and we look forward to seeing you skate live soon.

Zhenya - 20. Maerz 2000 - 18:38 Uhr
I have a question Pasha. My radio broke up when you mentioned thecoach who has helping you. Did you say it was Vladimir Kovalyov? He had some very great results:)

" Jayka " - 20. Maerz 2000 - 06:24 Uhr
PASHA !!!!!! Just heard your sweet voice on the ´skateradio´ ####### Beautiful interview - over one hour !!!!******* Very nice to hear the voices of your fans too: Amara, Jim, Bevelusha, etc.***** Thank you for skating from the heart ***** You are always in our prayers !!!@@@@@@@

Zhenya - 20. Maerz 2000 - 05:04 Uhr
Hi Pasha! I am just listening to your interview on Skate Radio. It was a very nice interview and I really enjoyed listening to you! It was also amusing recognizing hte names of all the people who sent questions! Your singles programs sound really interesting, especially the Piano one:) (of course, me the classical musician would say!) Oh, the pianist doing the Fantasie-Impromptu on your main page sound like they are going to "die" soon because it is so fast! hee hee. I don´t think anyone plays that piece that fast. I am stilllearning it and it is hard! Zhenya

Clover - 20. Maerz 2000 - 02:29 Uhr
Hi Pasha, I hope that you had the best Birthday Ever! I hope this year brings you much good luck and happiness! Good luck with your singles skating! :)

Vote for Pasha!!!!!!!!!!! - 19. Maerz 2000 - 22:40 Uhr
Vote for Pasha!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.starpages.net/pages/Pasha_Grishuk.html 1. Pasha Grishuk A site dedicated to the two times Olympic champion ice dancer Pasha Grishuk. She lives in Hollywood now and besides ice skating she looks for a movie career.

Karen - 19. Maerz 2000 - 12:21 Uhr
Thanks so much for the Photos Pasha, I have already put them up on my website. Everyone is welcome to view them. There are beautiful... Hope everyone is well and happy. Love Karen

Jessica - 18. Maerz 2000 - 12:22 Uhr
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PASHA!!! Hope you had a nice bithday! I heard about your great debut as singles skater, I was very happy for you. Here´s wishing you happiness and the best of luck with everything! Love, Jessica

Zhenya Zhenya - 18. Maerz 2000 - 06:15 Uhr

Olga Sibirjak - 17. Maerz 2000 - 23:40 Uhr
Oksanochka, posdrawljaem tebja c dnem rozdenia! Schastja tebe i sdorowja, radosti i lübwi! Wocpolsowawshic sluchaem posdrawljaem tebja c debutom! Blagogarja tebja mi wse stali swideteljami nowoi stranichki w istorii figurnogo katania. Mi blagodarim sudbu sa to chto mi zhiwjom c toboi w odno wremja. (Perewedite esli kto mozet. Cpacibo). Udiwitelnaja stranichka dlja wstrech prekrasnich ludei. C priwetom Olga Sibirjak, Tamara Komarowa i Diana Krechman.

Pasha - 17. Maerz 2000 - 16:15 Uhr
WOW! How beautiful beginning comes to me today! Fantastic morning! Wonderful day for all of you, my dearest friends! Thank you so very much for thinking of me on my Birthday, thank you very much for all your wishes! Thank you! I am so happy and proud of you! I wish you all the best. Always with love Pasha.

Marie & Joe - 17. Maerz 2000 - 16:04 Uhr
Happy birthday, Pasha! Congratulations on your singles debut. I hope we get to see you on TV sometime soon. We´re about to start taking skating lessons ourselves. We plan to sign up tomorrow, and start on Tuesday. We haven´t decided if we want to concentrate on singles or ice dance, but right now I guess it´s important that we just learn the basics! Take care, and have a great birthday!

Theresa - 17. Maerz 2000 - 15:14 Uhr
Happy B Day our darling Pasha!!!!! I and all my family wish you to be healthy and always happy! God gave you to us to teach us the beauty of figure skating and to keep all us together and strong. He gave you to us to share our hearts and souls, give us courage and hope! Thank you very much for being such a great skater and a wonderful person! Have a wonderful B Day!!!!! Love. Theresa.

Tania - 17. Maerz 2000 - 14:47 Uhr
Pasha, May you have a very Happy Birthday :) Congrats also on your solo debut! You should be so proud of yourself! Hugs and Kisses, Tania and the Lil´ Angel

Elena - 17. Maerz 2000 - 13:57 Uhr
Pashenka!, Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May all your dreams come true! Be always as beautiful, and strong as you are now! I wish to you best health, lots of love and happiness! You deserved all the best things in the world! You are a brilliant skater and I wish from this year your most SUCCESFUL years will start! And also, CONGRATULATIONS to your Mom!!! S lyubov´yu, Elena XXX

Karen - 17. Maerz 2000 - 13:52 Uhr
Dearest Pasha, Have a great Birthday. You are always in my heart and on my mind. I hope your dreams continue to come true. I will also try and call you later today. Hello to everyone. Love Karen

ruth - 17. Maerz 2000 - 13:19 Uhr
a very happy birthday to you Pasha .I hope you get all you want! and a Happy St Patricks day toevery one in Northern Ireland and Eire .love on this special day from Ruthx

Thomas Lattrell - 17. Maerz 2000 - 10:57 Uhr
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASHA !!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best for your life and all the success for your single skater career.Stay healthy and take care of you !!You are always in my heart and I always believe in you. A lot of kisses and all my best wishes !! Thomas

Margreet - 17. Maerz 2000 - 09:17 Uhr
Happy Birthday Pasha, Wish you a wonderful day and lots of happiness in the coming period. You are a great person. Congratulations to your family too.Love, Margreet

Anushka - 17. Maerz 2000 - 07:47 Uhr
A very Happy Birthday my sweet Pasha. I hope that this day and all days yet to come will be full of love and happiness. And I hope that all your wishes may come true, you definitely deserve it. May your beautiful soul shine forever! Happy Birthday as well to your mum and all your family! It´s their birthday as well. May God Bless all of you! Always love you and 28 kisses, Anushka.

sandrine - 17. Maerz 2000 - 07:23 Uhr
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASHA!!!! I wish you all the best!!! Kisses to you and your family.

Nadine (:^) - 17. Maerz 2000 - 06:24 Uhr
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Feliz Cumpleanos), Pasha/Moulya!!! (:^D!!! I wish for you everything that money cannot buy..........Love, Peace, Joy, Contentment, Happiness, and Nirvana..........you are so deserving of these much sought after joys that only God can give. (:^). BTW, you also share the same Birthday as much loved & cherised Mom...........knew there was always something special about you...........the both of you are what I call "heart people" (kind, caring, compassionate, loving, giving, extraordinary). Love, Nadine (:^)

" Jayka " - 17. Maerz 2000 - 05:38 Uhr
@@@@@@@@@@@@ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PASHENKA !!! @@@@@@@@@@. Go out tonight, have a GREAT time and celebrate !. You have worked very hard this past year, have made great strides and continue to amaze us all with what you are doing. I will raise a glass of champagne to you myself, this evening and be thinking about you. Have a wonderful birthday! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Always, yours, your bratishka Jayka, LOL.xxx. :))))))))))

sean sean - 17. Maerz 2000 - 03:42 Uhr

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASHA!!!!! Congrats on your singles debut!

Michelle mahoney - 17. Maerz 2000 - 03:26 Uhr
Happy Birthday my dearest Pasha! May all your hope´s & dream´s come true!Your not getting older your getting better!Like a fine wine!}:-)Amara&I want to wish you the most happest of birthdays!Years ago on this night a champion was born!It was you!Im glad you came into the world! Happy birthday Pasha!have a wonderful day!

Jim Hodges - 17. Maerz 2000 - 00:57 Uhr
Gardner MA
Happy Birthday Pasha. May you have many more. We wish you happiness and love.

Very Happy Birthday Pasha!!!!!! - 16. Maerz 2000 - 23:51 Uhr
Dearest PASHA, very happy birthday! It is your birthday and on this day we want you to know that you are a very special person who has touched and warmed many lives including ours We also want you to know how much we appreciate you Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet a person who stands out among all the other people as being extremely special who knows what we are thinking about who is happy for us at all times who is always there to talk to us who cares about us selflessly who is always truthful with us Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet someone who is extremely wonderful For us that person is you Pasha ! Do you really know how very much you mean to all us, your fans, Please always know that your fans love you and wish all your dreams come true Have a very happy birthday!

" Jayka " - 16. Maerz 2000 - 22:31 Uhr
****** OK, the URL doesn´t work ***** Here is der addressen !!!, LOL ***** http://figureskating.about.com/sports/figureskating/library/blinterview_submit.htm ***** hope ist correcten !!!, LOL :)

" Jayka " - 16. Maerz 2000 - 22:27 Uhr
***** Hi everybody !!!.....our Pashka gets more popular on a daily basis/////// ***** ***** For those of you who, unfortunately, were not able to participate in the skateradio.net interview Q&A with our " Angel " , please note that online e-zine and activities board ´about.com´ will be interviewing Pashenka in a few weeks. Publish date April. ******* Please go to their ´interview/questions submission page´ - and type everything you always wanted to know - and NOW can ask ! ****** figureskating.about.com/s...submit.htm ****** Have fun :)))

Anushka - 16. Maerz 2000 - 07:38 Uhr
Hi everybody! This link will lead you to a great press release about Pasha´s singles debut. Dear Jen, well I´m still not doing too well, but I keep hoping that this will be over soon! I don´t think any of you would let me loose that hope. Lots of love to all of you! Sweet Pasha, I miss you so much. You and your family means so much to me. All my love and many kisses to you and your family&Vanya. God Bless! Anushka.

Jen - 16. Maerz 2000 - 05:13 Uhr
Hello Pasha and everyone! I am sorry to have not visited more often! How are you? Dearest Anushka, are you feeling better? Please know you are in my prayers. My dear friends Jim, Elenna, Jay, Bev, Michelle, I speak with you often, but all of the best! Sandrine, how are you? Pasha, I think you will be pleased that Jim´s daughter Suzanna and I have become good friends. I sent her a letter and we talk on the internet often! She is so sweet, and Jim is also! You are lucky to have her as your friends! I know I told you this already, Pasha, but I am so proud of you and your singles debut, and I just wanted to say it again! You are so amazing, making history once again! As always, you are in my prayers and best wishes to you!!! Hugs and kisses to everybod

Webmaster Figure-Skating board - 13. Maerz 2000 - 13:09 Uhr
Dear Pasha Fans, you are welcome to Skate Forum Registration! You will need this information in order to post any messages in our forums at http://www.skateforum.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi Enjoy our new board!

" Jayka " - 12. Maerz 2000 - 01:59 Uhr
According to the current Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative newsletter, the American Open will take place in October, probably at the beginning of the month. In the same issue, there is a list of candidates for the Cooperative´s Board of Directors. One of them is OUR PASHENKA !! :) Sounds good to me!.

" Jayka " - 12. Maerz 2000 - 00:20 Uhr
Blades on Ice magazine has just updated their ´News Briefs´ page. Our PASHENKA has awonderful article AND is the ´Photo of the Month ´ !!! *** Go to FSG´s Pasha Forum for the link *** http://pub2.ezboard.com/ffigureskatinggalaxypashagrishuk.html

Salvia - 11. Maerz 2000 - 19:35 Uhr
Dedicate to Pasha Mysterious Pasha Glorious dancer Shares more than she shows, safe beyond her window Pasha  smile is lighting up the sky While she is softly skating by Nymphlike inspiration in her name Radiant, lovely, gentle Pasha. Skater, dancer, goddess, queen, Example for your skating fans Who travel miles to catch a glance. Personality, pure and sweet I hope, again we´ll meet Ice Princess from the very start You´ll always be in our heart.

Article [URL]http://www.rp-online.de/news/sport/2000-0306/eistanz.html[/URL) - 11. Maerz 2000 - 19:28 Uhr
Victoria, thanks for the links [URL]http://www.rp-online.de/news/sport/2000-0306/eistanz.html[/URL) . Here is the translation: Boise/Neuss The most successful female ice dancer in history turns a new leaf/goes a new way. Pasha Grishuk, Two times Olympic Champion Ice Dance (at the 1994 Olympics and the 1998 Olympics) with her former partner Evgeny Platov and also four times World and three times European Champion, had her debut as a single dancer in Boise ( Idaho) last Thursday. "I will make this a new discipline, single dance" says the blonde Russian, who will turn 28 on March and has many more plans: "I will do many more things". Exactly one year ago Pasha Grishuk started to think about a singles career. After the split with Evgeny Platov, who left her in July 1998 and started a new career with third class skater Ex-vice champion Maya Usova, Pasha has a short partnership with Alexandr Zhulin, who has to end his career due to back problems. Now Pasha is all of a sudden alone. She has never thought about stopping skating: "I have had to overcome many difficulties in my life and therefore I have also seen this situation as a challenge . Determined and without a trainer Pasha Grishuk starts her single career on so-called Freestyle skates, which have longer blades than ice dances skates and therefore ask for a very different way/approach of skating. On these she started the unusual jumps ( for her): I have trained as a single skater when I was little, but after that never again. On the ice rink in Los Angeles Randy Gardner, former World Champion Pairs, quickly notices Pasha´s attempts and offers to become her coach. Since approximately a half-year they work together:"He has helped me so much with the jumps." "Pasha has a solid landing on the double toe loop, but the landing on the double axel was this time shaky." The audience at the Charity event in Boise admire her wonderful artistic style/ wonderful artistry, which she showed in ice dancing, being on the leading position half a decade. Determined she keeps working on her singles skating elements also when the rumor that Pasha Grishuk will start ice dancing next season with Oleg Ovsiannikov enter the scene. The Russian Federation, who has already asked the World Federation, the ISU, for reinstatement for their prima ballerina, wants to make sure that they will have a number one couple now that the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City are coming up, especially since Russia didn´t medal at the European Championships in Vienna. Pasha Grishuk doesn´t want to speak about this subject, although there was a rumor that she plans to have a trial training session with Ovsiannikov under guidance of her first coach Natalia Linichuk in Newark(Delaware). Ovsiannikov´s partner Anjelika Krylova is worried about the continuation of her competitive career, because she has a chronic spinal injury, which already caused her to withdraw from all the competitions this season. "It would be awful for Anjelika to know that her longtime partner is planning to go on without her, -says Pasha: My performance in Idaho was also a message of friendship to her: I skate on my own, I don´t wish your career is over."

sandrine - 11. Maerz 2000 - 16:34 Uhr
Hello everyone !! I went to skateradio website and let a little message. In addition to that, I also asked for my 3 favourite musics: Libertango, Passion and the Memorial. If we all ask for them, we can make them appear in the top 10. (to chose the music, you´ve got to go to "pick the music")

Jim Hodges - 11. Maerz 2000 - 05:10 Uhr
Gardner Massachusetts
I made an error in the address of the station that Pasha will be on. It is WWW.SKATERADIO.NET. Sorry for any inconvinence.

Jim Hodges - 11. Maerz 2000 - 00:49 Uhr
Gardner Massachusetts
Our dear Pasha will be featured on Skaterradio net on Sunday, March 19 at &PM PST which is 10PM EST. The show will be rebroadcast on Tuesday, March 21 at 12 Noon PST which is 3PM EST. The address of this site is WWW.Skaterradio.net The telephone numbers to call in your questions are 1 (800) 655-4443. The station is trying to make the 800 number international so everyone throughout the world can call in their questions. The direct line to the station is (652) 789-9505. This show is not live as Pasha will listen to a tape of your questions and answer them live so call in your questions today. The station has a download they supply so you should have no problems hearing the show. I did the download and installed it so I know anyone can. Lets all call in and show the skating world that Pasha has many supporters and that they need her in their shows. Go Pasha.

webby - 10. Maerz 2000 - 20:22 Uhr
I thought maybe somebody is interesting for Moscow website http://www.moscowcity.com/ http://www.friends-partners.org/~asebrant/life/ml.html http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~powellm/kremlin.html

Sonia - 10. Maerz 2000 - 18:38 Uhr
Bonjour Pasha, I have receive today your answer to my message. I appreciate very much your reply and I want to see to you it´s my pleasure to send you my messages. I´m very happy because you appreciate it. I thank you for your nice words to me and your information about this site. There is just something I´m not sure to understand in the messages of this discussion board. The organisators will not show your programms in T.V. before maybe one year? I don´t understand that. You have so many fans in the world who wait to see you again. Where can we send message to say: "We want to see Pasha." Maybe it´s your own decision. Do you prefer take more experience in solo dancing during one season before participate to T.V. show? I´m not sure if I understand well. I can wait and understand if it´s better for you, but I will be certainly more happy to see you in T.V. as soon as possible. Bye and take care. Sonia

" Jayka " - 10. Maerz 2000 - 12:24 Uhr
*** SKATERADIO *** UPDATE *** The FIRM broadcast time for Pasha´s Interview is Sunday, March " 19 "!!! (18 WAS TYPO), at 7:00 PM PST. *** With rebroadcasts on: *** Tuesday, March 21, at 12:00 Noon PST. and *** Thursday, March 23, at 12:00 Noon PST.*** DON"T MISS THIS *** Call in your questions for Pasha TODAY (don´t wait !!!) *** International: (562)789-9505 *** OR USA TOLL FREE (800)655-4443 ***

" Jayka " - 10. Maerz 2000 - 11:56 Uhr
*** PASHA NEWS !!!!*** I have just heard announced on ´SKATERADIO´ that our Pashenka will be their honored guest for a (30 minute) interview, sunday evening the 18th March, 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time (California time.). PST is GMT minus 8 hours. *** The URL of this new, exclusive skating music radio station on the web is : www.skateradio.net *** Please telephone/or email your requests/questions for Pasha. Either visit their site or call : (800)655-4443 OR (562)789-9505 **** CALL/Email NOW !!!!! ****

Michelle mahoney - 10. Maerz 2000 - 05:42 Uhr
seattle Wa
Dearest Pasha! IM so proud of you and all you have dun!I know your Mama is also proud of you and your wonderful skating!your such a bisy lady ,I know how much skating takes up your time!Im always running back & forth to the rink,sometime´s I think I pay rent there & live there!SO I know how much your time is spent at the rink & you find the time to send Amara&I an E-card!this meens so much to us!& SHOWS JUST HOW MUCH YOU CARE ABOUT US!& WE CARE ABOUT YOU MY DEAR FRIEND!I cant wate to see your skating!!!I know it´s going to be great!The T,V, people should give the fan´s what they want! & show your skating!AS IF you have to prove yourself!DNOT THEY REALIZE just who you are your Pasha The worlds greatest Ice dancer!2 time Olimpic gold medlest!HOW DARE THEY!Pahsa I cant stand the exctives and TV people who say we must wate a year to see your wonderful skating on T.V.!Im sorry I know Im being silly but,they should get the fan´s what they want & brodcast your skating! that´s just how I feal.Anyway I dont want to upset you! Im sorry if I did Im just being honest about how I feel!Pasha Thank you for telling us all about the night you skated solo for the first time !I was dieing to know!I also cant wate to see Photos of it !I know we will see them soon!When you get them coul you put them on your site?? that would be great!& I also want to tell you that Karen´s got her photos of her world´s comp up on her site and her "Pasha move on ice " the one move you taught her looks sOO good!Your also a great teacher! she looks great !& You taught that to her!that was so great of you to do that!I know she will never forget that as long as she live´s!(LUCKY KAREN) you have a heart of gold Pasha!& Im glad we are friend´s!Your friend Michelle& Amara

Ivonna - 9. Maerz 2000 - 21:06 Uhr
Dear Pasha, A couple of years ago I wrote you a fan letter, and one day, I received a letter from you! I could hardly believe it when I saw the letter - before that I cannot imagine that a skater (or a celebrity)would take the time to write to her fans. I was so happy. Pasha, you are such a kind person. Off the ice, you have friendliness and humility, and on the ice, you have grace and beauty. I am so glad to hear that your solo debut was a success!!! You deserve it because you have worked so hard and given so much to the sport. You are truly an angel on ice with your incredible skating and with your heart of gold. I really miss watching you skate (many skating events are not shown on TV nowadays), but I´m glad to hear that you are skating well. I wish you lots of success in the future!!! Ivonna

Sonia - 9. Maerz 2000 - 15:33 Uhr
Hi Pasha, Maybe I look repetitive, but I send in this guestbook the exactly same message I posted in a topic I begun, the title was "Cannot wait to see Pasha". Jaytex gave me the adress of this guestbook and I send my message to you here too because I don´t know if you have read the topic "Cannot wait to see Pasha". My message was: "I´m so happy to learn you presents your first solo professionnal debut. I was ready to wait because I consider your health is more important (after your accident). I´m also sure you´re certainly very perfectionnist for your performances. Maybe you wanted to present your programms just when they are perfect enough for you and for your fans. Am I wrong? Anyway, I´m very happy for you. Just to see the beautiful pictures of your new program make me happy and now, I just cannot wait to see you again! Good luck in everything!" I also added in an other post that you will probably bring something new to solo lady dancing and I would be happy to see you in any categorie anyway. Bye! Sonia

Bev Bevelusha - 9. Maerz 2000 - 07:00 Uhr
Dear Pasha, how good to hear from you again. That was a wonderful tribute to your dear mother, and thank you for remembering all of us women on International Women´s Day. You make us all proud of you. Love, Bevelusha

Zhenya - 9. Maerz 2000 - 03:18 Uhr
Congratulations Pasha! I wish I could have been there to see it! Good luck in the future:)

Anna - 8. Maerz 2000 - 22:56 Uhr
Paasha - Congratulations on your debut as a single skater. I am glad that you felt comfortable on the ice without a partner. Now that you have taken that first step hopefully your fans will get to see you soon. I for one am dying to see you skate again. You are such an inspiration to so many!!! Go girl!!!!

Pasha Grishuk - 8. Maerz 2000 - 20:47 Uhr
Very happy International Woman s Day!!! May our Mums, aunts, our sisters, our girlfriends and all woman from the world will be always healthy, happy and lucky!!! My dear friends, thank you soo very much for all your support, for your wonderful messages and beautiful e-cards! O.K. I´ve done my first step as a solo (grateful for your help). The organization and the atmosphere in all was great, the colleges were very helpful and so kind to me. I felt very comfortable and very happy!!! We did two programs all together- Nicole Bobek, Yuka Sato, Brain Orser, Karen Cadavy and I skated two performances as a single - to the music from Richard Clyderman and Jennifer Lopez. I was in one performance dressed in a pink dress the other in black. I chose one slow performance and one quick. During the performances I felt strong and concentrated enough to make all my jumps without falling, although my goal is not to create the jumps, but create dancing elements to singles. Of course I was a little bit nervous and forgot to ask about photos, but maybe somebody will send some to me. I gave interviews to 4 Radio programs and was extreme busy with training. Many people ask, if it will be shown on TV - I don´t think that the organizers would like to show my skating on TV (at least the first year), they would rather work with me live. But I have a video - I would like to send it tomorrow to my mum on my birthday. Thankfully for her I came to this world! I and Brain Orser were invited by the Governor and we were happy to see him in our show. That s all. What can I say more, than I am very happy now and everything goes exactly right with your great support !!! Thomas, you ve done a very great job! Thank you sooo very much! I love your site! I wish you all the best. Always with love Pasha.

ruth - 7. Maerz 2000 - 14:34 Uhr
dear pasha .congratulations on your singles debut .im very glad you did well .everyones extremely proud of you and wish you continued successin the fututre .keep smiling lots of love ruth xx

Bevelusha Bevelusha - 7. Maerz 2000 - 03:31 Uhr
Let me try again...Hello to Elena, and thank you so much for translating the message from Pasha´s Momma. Also, hello to Momma. Your daughter has really worked hard for all her successes, and I believe that it is from you that she learned this work ethic. You have taught her well. Also, hello to Margreet! Love, Bev

Viktoria - 6. Maerz 2000 - 21:08 Uhr
here´s another try at the link

Viktoria - 6. Maerz 2000 - 20:59 Uhr
Hi everyone! I haven´t kept in touch with many of you for a while, but I´m back now . A good friend of mine wrote this article and I thought you´d like to read it too (in german) - here´s the link: http://www.rp-online.de/news/sport/2000-0306/eistanz.html Hope you enjoy reading! :-) Viktoria

Anushka - 6. Maerz 2000 - 20:09 Uhr
My sweet Pasha, I´m so incredibly proud of you! You are a fighter and you never give up. I couldn´t wish for a better role model. This was just the first step in a long beautiful journey you will make. My mum, dad, sister, Radja and I hope all your dreams and wishes will come true. Much love and many kisses to your entire family including Vanja. God Bless, Anushka.

Anushka - 6. Maerz 2000 - 20:08 Uhr

Elena - 6. Maerz 2000 - 17:21 Uhr
Dear Pasha, you cannot imagine how thrilled I am to find out that you´ve had a debut!!!(Bevelusha is absolutely right I am still jumping like crazy!!!:-))) I know that you wanted it soo much. I´m happy that your dreams came true! And you finally stepped on ice to skate for the people! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can imagine that your family must be cheering for you! We all are! We all happy that such brilliant skater as yourself gives us another chance to see your amazing work. Thank you soo much! And also, I want to say a big THANKs to Pasha´s mum, as she left a message down the board, dated - 5. March 2000, saying that she is grateful to all her daughter´s fans for the support we give and that all the family is very happy to have such friends. She sends lots of love to all of us! Dorogaya Pashina mama, spasibo ogromnoe za Vashi teplie slova! Ya ochen  schastliva chto u menya est  vozmozhnost  obshatsya s vami i s Pashei, i ya vsegsa budu podderzhivat  ee. Ya bezumno schastliva chto Pasha nakonec taki vishla na led! Predstavlyayu kak dlya Vas ee debut bil vazhen!!! Pozdravlyayu! Vi virastili zamechatel nuyu dochku! I ya uverena chto v vashei sem e vse ee bagoslavyat! Kak vse mi(ee fani). Nekotorim iz nas ona dala nadezhdu, nekotorim  uverennost, dlya nekotorix ona stala blizkoi podrugoi & Vse eti primeri govoryat o ee prekrasnoi dushe I xoroshem vospitanii. I za eto SPASIBO Vam bol shoe, t.k. Vi prodelali ne legkuyu raboty, chtobi virostit  takogo talantlevogo, dobrogo (ZOLOTOGO) cheloveka. Vi vlozhili v nee dushu i ya uverena, chto ona lyubit Vas sil nee vsego v zhizni i Vi dlya nee samoe dorogoe chto u nee est  v zhisni. Ya zhelayu Vam zdorov ya i schast ya! Ved  esli u Vas vse budet xorosho znachit i u Pashi! I naoborot. S lyubov yu, Lena

James Hodges - 6. Maerz 2000 - 13:36 Uhr
Gardner MA
Your new site is wonderful. I was so happy to hear about it. I will come here often. I will tell everyone I know about it.

Margreet Tybout - 6. Maerz 2000 - 08:45 Uhr
Congratulations dear Pasha to your single debut. We are very proud you did it. I cannot wait to see you skating. Also I want to say hello to Anushka, Kimmy&Andy,Karen, Bevelusha,Jessica,Thomas, Michelle,Jayka,Elena, Sandrine, Jessica and all others. Love from Margreet.

Bev Bevelusha - 6. Maerz 2000 - 07:02 Uhr
Dear Pasha, just see how proud and happy you have made all your friends! It is just wonderful. I cannot wait until we all get to see you singles dance (as Anushka says). I think Elena and I are still jumping up and down when we think of you and your debut! Jayka seems like a proud "Papa." Michelle and Amira, Jen, Karen, Jim, Sandrine, and our dear Thomas. EVERYONE is thrilled for you. Love, Bevelusha

Michelle mahoney - 6. Maerz 2000 - 02:03 Uhr
Dear Pasha!way to go girl!You did it!!! you shine as a single lady skater! I wish I couled of seen it!Dose anyone know if we will be abel to see it on T.V.!?I shor hope!IM so happy for you Pasha! I Know you where great!Please when you get a chance could you tell us all about it!?Im dieing to know how all this was for you!IM soO happy for you Pasha& Proud of YOU!your ALWAYS going to #1 ! Aur champion! Pasha! WE LOVE YOU ! Michelle & Amara!

Karen - 5. Maerz 2000 - 23:37 Uhr
Congratulations dear Pasha on your successful single debut. I have read only wonderful things about how you skated. I can not wait to see you. Love & Kisses Karen

" Jayka " - 5. Maerz 2000 - 19:18 Uhr
" Ode to Pashenka " -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " You possess strength and grace, beauty and elegance, determination and style, the will to succeed. You never gave up, and worked soooo hard. you care and share and give it your all, that´s why we, your fans, luuuurve YOU, ´our darling Ice-Angel´, best of all ".

Thomas Lattrell - 5. Maerz 2000 - 18:42 Uhr
Hi ya all !!! here is now the "how to use the new guestbook"-------okay first you click on "EINTRAGEN"-----then you must enter a name and your email adress and surely what you want to say.....lol---------then you have to press on "Senden"---------that´s it !! you can see your comment on the guestbook !!! okay have fun while signing the guestbook !!! Thomas ------Jay,email me as soon as I can post this article on my homepage !!! Thank you Thomas

Pashina mama - 5. Maerz 2000 - 15:01 Uhr
Dorogie Pashini drusja, ogromnoe wam spasibo sa washu podderzku moei docheri w camie trudnie dni ee zisni, primite moi niskii materinskii poklon i moe wam blagoslowenie. Ja i wcja nasha semja ochen radi obsheniu c wami i budem schastliwi cohranit etu druzbu na wsiu zisn. Sdorowia wam, schactja i wechnogo dobra. Pashina mama.

Thomas Lattrell - 4. Maerz 2000 - 16:59 Uhr
Hi ya all !!!!Hi Pasha honey !!! I heard from your family that your debut was a great success.I knew it all the time that everything will be wonderful for you again !!! I am soooooo happy for you !! Seems that not many people sign the new guestbook til now !! If somebody maybe has problems to add his message,email me under Starchild333@hotmail.com and I will be very happy to help you !!! Oh by the way I want to ask all fans from out pasha to send me personal photos from you with a little quote from you about pasha.I want to build a site from her fans for her !!!! Thank you all very much Thomas Lattrell

Thomas Lattrell - 3. Maerz 2000 - 13:26 Uhr
San Jose California
Hi to ya all out there !! I just want to let you know that i have updated my Pashapage.I added a new gallery 1.(the photos are really small,I have to figure out where the problem is)and also I added autograph adresses and a guestbook.So feel free to write yout comments on my book !! I hope you enjoy watching all the pictures !! PASHA !! Congratiulations for you solo debut !! I heard from your family that it works great !! I am sooo happy for you !! You´re the best !! Love ya !! Thomas

Larissa Fedorova - 3. Maerz 2000 - 11:08 Uhr
PASHENKA, CONGRATULATION to your first and very successful solo debut!!! Both of your performances (Clyderman and Jennifer Lobes) were magic!!! Your jumps were so great!!! You Pasha were the highlight of this wonderful evening at Thursday, March 02, Idaho.

sandrine - 1. Maerz 2000 - 19:51 Uhr
WOW!! I´m just back from Venice and I see a new site about Pasha!! Congratulations, Thomas, you have a lot of very nice picts!! I will add a link on my page this week end. Big Hugs to Pasha, her family and to every Pasha´s fan.

Elena - 1. Maerz 2000 - 13:52 Uhr
Thomas!, Thank you very much for creating the page! I really enjoyed it! Once again looking at P&E pictures... Oh GOD..!, Pasha, you and Evgeny were the best out there! Every picture shows it... every picture is dynamic and shows how powerful and how unique you were! How you fully dedicated yourself to the skating! It´s amazing! So,,,, I can´t wait for you to skate again! You will shine there! Pasha, you are an extraordinary skater and the World misses you! My best wishes, Elena P.S. Thomas! Thanks a lot!

Thomas Lattrell - 1. Maerz 2000 - 12:00 Uhr
San Jose California
Hi again to ya all here on the guestbook from our Pasha !! I just want to let ya all know that I have set my Pasha Fanpage on the Net.It´s just plain and simple for now,but I will work it out a lot better.I promise !! lolol... My dear Pasha !! I wish you all the luck and my heart is with you all the time !!Take care of you !! Also some big hellos to Bev,Jay,Sonja,Elenna and to my dear Anushka !! Get well fast,dear !! bye to ya all and feel free to have a look at my page and send me your comments....:-) bye Thomas

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