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                                   Class Offerings available

    1. Children group classes, specifically for "the sweeties little ones" ages 3-7 years old. Here you will learn the first steps on ice, .. ground ballet movements, to learn first compulsories elements....

    2. Children group classes ages 8&Up. By mastering the competitive figures included in this classes, you will lay the groundwork to perform the complex spins and jumps, will learn the secrets of Oksana‘s famous Gold twizzles and more.

    3. Single classes includes Individual preparation&consultations to championships&shows; individual  choreography; choosing music, costume design... All the drawings depict key movements, skating a good edge, a successful figure, and a high flying jump, form and aesthetics of choreography—Ms. Oksana Grishuk coaching trademarks that have made her Two Time Olympic Gold Medallist. Drawing from over twenty years' experience, Ms. Oksana Grishuk shares her observations and opinions on subjects that range from where to buy your first pair of skates to  what it takes to become an Olympic Gold Medallist.

          4. Group Nr.4 is the same as group Nr.3, except that these classes are for         w        two  students.

    5. Senior group. For everyone who is not 18, but who likes to keep their figure beautiful, and health stronger, who loves music&dance and much fun! Includes first steps on ice, dancing free compositions and make our own Theater on Ice!.

          6. Modern-Jazz. For everyone who loves modern movement, individual                            s        style,  free   compositions, and "fresh win" on classic.


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