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Evening dinner during a cruise on a ship:Michelle; Jenny; Todd; Pasha; ElisabethPunsalan&EgorSwallow; Lu-Chen; Isabelle : by

They have  earned this unforgettable holidays! Small pause while walking in the mountains: Ingo Steuer; Michelle; Mandy, Pasha; Lu-Chen

Pasha became famous not only because of her Olympic Gold Medals, but also because of her golden heart. She was always very special to every one of her colleagues, because they can trust Pasha, can always count on her support and be happy with her. “It’s always nice with Pasha - said Michelle Kwan  - she is one of the nicest person I have ever met


WOW! They are boating so good on the river near a water-fall!  Ingo;  Michelle; Pasha; Lu-Chen; Lloyd.

Pasha in Disneyland

First a floral bouquet from Sasha

This photo was taken at a party to celebrate Sasha giving teenager Pasha that famous necklace & wedding ring. The happiest person there most of all was Maia, because she knew that with Sasha's present of this ring, trustful girl Pasha must leave her skating career and now the favorite on Gold could be gone... Very soon people from Russian Federation found out Usova&Zhulin's roguish plan against Pasha Grishuk&Evgeny Platov and explained all the facts to Pasha. Pasha took Evgeny’s hand on the ice once more, and with great passion and anger against Usova&Zhulin's betrayal. Pasha and her partner won the coveted Olympic Gold medal instead, and against all the odds! Maia's happiness in this photo soon disappeared however, along with her hope and lifelong dream of EVER winning an Olympic Gold medal. Since that time Maia makes up stories full with lies about Pasha, as the old saying goes: "a photo says a thousand words."

Pasha has known Irina Romanova from kindergarten,   both were born in Odessa and went to the same skating group for a very long time. Nice dinner with lovely coaches Lineychuk & Karponosov.

Longtime friends  Pasha & Michael Collins

Lillehammer 1994. The skaters were so happy for Pasha’s Victory. Elisabeth; Lu-Chen; Michelle; Pasha; Surya Bonaly; Jennyurya


Natalia Lineychuk and Pasha 

Nice friends: Pasha and  Natalia Mishkutionok

Pretty girls: Lu Chen & Pasha

Philipp Candeloro & Pasha during ship cruise

After a successful show. It's very nice to share sweet memories together: Evgeny; Pasha, Marina Anissina & friends.

Pasha & Alexei Urmanov in Halloween

High in the mountains: Pasha & Lu-Chen

Oksana Kasakova, Pasha, Elisabeth, Lu-Chen

With Alexei during ship cruise

Pasha, Surya Bonaly,  Sonja

Childhood friends Marina Anissina & Pasha sharing their gifts from the show audience

Marina Klimova was so happy for Pasha’s great success in Paris

COI. With Alexei in bus to the next city

New Year Party 1998. Pasha&German TV commentator

New Year party 1998.Pasha&Sonja&Marina

Michelle's mom was always supportive, warm, with nice words to Pasha

Pasha & Michelle Kwan during COI tour 1998

“I think the reason why people respect Pasha is because of her honesty”- Maria Butyrskaya  

BARBARA& MAURIZIO        Pasha saw their talent long time before.   And now they  are  World  Champions!

One year working together every day, for 8 hours on the same Ice, speaks to their nice relationship.    Pasha &  Ilia Kulik

    ...My dear friends, you are incredibly special to me. You are so important to my days -- and so essential to the smile within me. That certain space where our lives overlap is the place that brings me the most understanding,  the most peace, the nicest memories, and a joy that comes to my heart so constantly.  Always with love Pasha.

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