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If I could catch a rainbow......
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

Fan Nicole



    Pasha dances ..

    Watch her as she sways,
    Using soft colors
    She has caught your gaze,
    Painting on ice the pictures
    For all to see,
    She turns and sways
    So easily,
    Entrancing her audience,
    She flows freely
    From move to pose,
    Mistake is a word
    She doesn't know,
    The bright lights
    Give her energy,
    No one can speak
    Just watch..
    As Pasha dances,
    So majestically

    Sarah Howe


Pasha comes in history forever

You have practiced for this moment
Year after year, hour upon hour.
You step into your Memorial costume
Hands just a little bit shaky.
You touch up your gold hair
Taking one last look in the mirror.
Standing in the wings waiting for your moment
You mark your routine one last time.
You step onto White Ring, heart pounding, palms sweaty, legs feeling like jelly.
You feel the heat of the lights,
This is it, this is your time to make history forever!
You hear the music and you begin to dance
You regain your confidence--you know your routine
Everything is falling into place just as it should
The music ends, the crowd cry, standing ovation,
Triumph, sensation!
You did it Pasha!  You are in history and our hearts forever!

Elvis Laurence



    Dear Pasha, here is a little Poem I made for you. I hope you like it.

    Ode to Pasha ---
    She skates in beauty with elegance and grace ---
    an angel in person always wear a smile on her face ---
    she works so hard to be on top she never did complain --
    and even when she is hurt she's tougher then pain ---
    I know she didn't really know me but in my heart she always have a place --
    and every little attention she gives to me is like a soft embrace ---
    she is my inspiration she gives me the strength to face my life --
    to see her sad without a smile cuts my heart like a knife --
    I will give her all I have inside me ---
    and when she is down on her side I will be --
    some might say now I'm a dreamer or a fool but I am sure I am not the only one --
    because giving your heart into a dream is everything, but never foolish or wrong --
    I want to stand beside her as a friend or whatever she wants me to be

    Fan THOMAS:



Into my heart Pasha dances once more
I watch from my secret place
your dancing with precise control
As you practice pirouettes
Steps that reach into my soul

With graceful movements
Imagined partners arms enfold
See the empty spaces forming
Worlds to fill with gallant princes

A private place with walls and locked gates
Built to keep reality out
Chasing away wanting suitors
Too close, too real, not allowed inside

If walls were brick and mortar,
And gates made of steel and wood
Charge the gates with battering rams
Catapult the walls if I could

Penetrate the despised barriers
Become your partner in the dance
I only wish
A chance...........

Watching from my secret place
Behold the beauty Pasha creates
Dancing with such nimble swiftness
Into my heart you dance once more.

Anthony Ferdinant Merely


    May you find happiness
    in every direction your paths take you.
    May you never lose your genius talent,
    and may you be always Ice Princess for us
    you use to brighten the lives
    of everyone who have seen your magic skating.
    May you go beyond the ordinary steps
    and discover more extraordinary results.
    May you keep on trying to reach for all your stars.
    May you never forget how wonderful you are.
    and with love that blesses your life forever.
    May you meet every challenge you are faced with,
    recognize every golden opportunity,
    and be blessed with the knowledge
    that you have the ability to make every day special.
    May you have enough material wealth to meet your needs,
    while never forgetting that the real treasures of life
    are the loved ones and friends
    who are invaluable to the end.
    May you search for serenity,
    and discover it was within you all along.

    May you be strong enough
    to keep your skating and all your dreams alive.
    May you always be gentle enough
    to understand all wishes your fans.
    May you know
    that you hold tomorrow within your hands,
    and that the way there
    will be shared with the makings
    of what will be your most wonderful memories.
    And may you always remember, each step along the way...

    You are loved more than words
    can ever begin to say.

    Teresa McRenor




Dearest PASHA, very happy birthday!
It is your birthday
and on this day
we want you to know that
you are a very
special person
who has touched and warmed
many lives
including miens
We also want you to know
how much we appreciate you
Sometimes we are lucky enough
to meet a person
who stands out
among all the other people
as being extremely special
who knows what we
are thinking about
who is happy for us at all times
who is always there to talk to us
who cares about us selflessly
who is always truthful with us
Sometimes we are lucky enough
to meet someone who is
extremely wonderful
For us that person
is you Pasha !
Do you really know
how very much
you mean to all us, your fans,
Please always know
that we love you and wish all your dreams come true
Have a very happy birthday!

Pasha Fan club members.


    Pasha’s moonlight Waltz
    Standing in a darkened meadow
    wide eyed with joyful wonder.
    Pasha arms stretch out
    to the starry black sky.

    Glittering flakes lit by moonlight
    gather on Pasha shoulders and in Pasha gold hair,
    an icy cape and tiara.

    Pasha spins slowly in a circle.
    Gathered moonbeams
    form a flowing silver gown.
    Pasha waits for a real partner and for a fantasy lover.

    Scorpius reaches down
    from the heavens,
    pulls Pasha gently into his arms.
    They waltz to soft hidden music.

    Slowly gliding through the meadow
    in the moonlight at midnight.
    Pasha is possessed by silken magic

    by Sharon Tyrell


Looking at you,
I can feel your moods
your love
your anxiety
your sorrow
your pain
your successes
your disappointments.
-All without touching.

I can hear your heart beating
soul singing
words of praise
words of acceptance
words of sympathy
words of support.
-All without talking.

All of this
I can tell
when I watch your magical skating.

what I can tell when I skate with you
If only you would let me.

Scott Mayer


    Pasha Yesterdays Dance

    Thick course strands of silver tarnished gray grew like weeds in yesterdays garden of gold. Pull as she may the weeds roots were to stay and the gold garden was hers no more. Brief were the sad salty streaks for she knew what she must do, and victory sang the day weeds tarnished silvery gray became soft, shiny and blue. Pasha danced. Her thrill was evident, for sitting beneath a smiling pooch sporting hues of the garden she now grew. Pasha danced. Thunder clashed as pride heightened her metallic plot against the blue calm pool in the sky. Conflicting contrast pierced a laden cloud falling fear frozen tears in the month of June. Pasha danced. Slowly the suns shining smile warmed the tears chill into an angry downpour, chasing her path running with blue. Pasha danced. Gleaming sheer with delight, as she knew to be true just the right shade of soft pink in the rainbow above would renew the garden once shiny and blue. Pasha danced.



updated: Sonntag, 30. September 2001

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