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    Memory about Pasha’s childhood from her mom

                                    Part 1

  “Our strength consists not in never falling,

     but in rising after every time we fall”

    March, 17-th, I shall never forget that night – I didn’t even close my eyes for a minute, thus I was waiting for the wonder.

    I went to the hospital at 6`o clock and at 14:20 my daughter came to the world; a little treasure of 49 cm in length, with a weight of 2.750 gr.

    She looked into my eyes so deep, so that we immediately fell in love with each other.

    Her father was a football-player, 22 years old, while I was just nineteen and a student of economics at the university. The year my angel was born I took academic holiday. We lived on the outskirts of Odessa, in a 15 m² rented room. The living conditions there were under any common standard.  To bathe we had to use the public bath and we didn’t dream of any warm water in the house, so we had to bring water from a water column down the street and do the cooking with a small gas heater. The toilet was at the bottom of the proprietor's yard, whom themselves had 5 kids.

    When Pasha was 2 months old she caught a cold. We were both taken to the hospital: I totally lost my nerves and thus my milk ceased, so Pasha was at the edge of hunger. I started making juice from different vegetables and fruit – I don’t remember whether there were any of them in the shops at that time – and bought some milk from other women, who, like me, had just become mothers.

    After we got through these difficulties, we were very happy again.  She was growing prettier and prettier day after day, with golden curls on her head that fitted so well to her bay, pale green-brown eyes. At the age of three months she could sit-up, leaning on a pillow, never missing an opportunity to move around.

    When Pasha was six months old, her father left us.  Two weeks later I prepared all of our things and we moved to my parents.

Copyright Lüdmila Grishuk/Rohbeck

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