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    Memory about Pasha’s childhood from her mom

                                                 Part 2

As if Pasha knew that life wouldn’t be easy, she started fighting with all her force so as to stand on her own feet. At the age of nine months she began to walk around grandma’s 2-room apartment. She used to take a small pillow with her, so when she fell down, she fell on the pillow. We were very excited about her intelligence and gave her a chance to try everything she wanted to.

On the weekends we used to watch TV, which at that time had 3 different programs, our favorite one was the first because ballet was often shown..

Time went quickly, my angel was growing and the academic holiday came to an end. I had to continue my studies at the university, so that I at least would be able to earn some money for my daughter in the future. I obtained a room in the student’s hostel but I couldn’t obtain a permit to take my daughter. I would fall asleep and waHer grandma worked as a hairdresser and her grandpa was a diploma- chemistke up with her image on my mind, and prayed to God. As a student I found a job in the evening to earn money for my daughter.

At one year Pasha started to pronounce her first words. She repeated and repeated again, till it was right and she was happy about every new word. She babbled all the time, switched on the music and jumped around with her cat Milka. Milka hid under the sofa sometimes, tired of jumping. Pasha was trying to present a good mood and was happier than anybody. She repeated all the songs that she could sing without becoming tired and copied her grandparent’s movement, which made us, laugh. Her favorite toy was a doll named Tania, which  Pasha made with her grandma out of a handkerchief, and bounded at the necessary places to make it look real. Pasha was already going to the daycare, where everybody loved her. Her grandma was a member of the parents committee there and she always brought the toys she received from neighbors, or had bought at the second-hand market, because Pasha was there from morning till dusk.

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