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 Memory about Pasha’s childhood from her mom

                                 Part 3

My younger sister prepared at that time for the music conservatory, therefore music was always present in our home. Pasha, so to say, started her music education directly with Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Chopin, Shostakovitch, etc.

Pasha loved her aunt devotedly and was persistently trying to please her in any way. She always found something to do with her time so as not to disturb her aunt from studying. Her aunt also loved the little niece boundlessly and often came to the daycare and later to the kindergarten so as to play the piano and accompany the performances of Pasha and her friends.

Once after watching ”The Sleeping Beauty” ballet, Pasha was so excited, she was two years old, that she started copying it and asked her grandmother to make lifts with her. After this occasion, she repeated that every time after watching ballet, or any other dance.

Even in her early years Pasha was very faithful to her friends: her best one was  Vitia, a 3-year-old boy, who lived just upstairs. Once,Vitia fell under a car and broke his foot. Pasha then pled with her grandparents to go with her to the hospital, where Vitia spent nearly three months. She always prepared herself for this meeting very carefully and took the best things for him. She even took her sweets, which she received just once a week and made concerts for him, retold him the ”Red Cap”, which she had learned by heart. When Vitia came back from the hospital, she didn’t allow him to run alone around in the yard.

A year and a half went by and I obtained my diploma as an engineer of economy. I found a job in Odessa, rented a room in a ”communalka” – an apartment for a few families – and could at last bring my angel to me! We didn’t have any yard there because the house was situated directly on the main street.  To play, we went to the city park where her attention was drawn to a tall building, from which there was always music audible and children used to enter it, carrying beautiful white boots with silver edges. Pasha was 4 years old.

”Mummy please, let’s have a look inside, please, even with just one eye!”

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