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    Memory about Pasha’s childhood from her mom

                                   Part 7

    At that day Oksana wore her brown sports suit with warm gloves and a hat. By 6:00 P.M., all the children were on the ice. They were asked to stand in line by height. There were about 40 of them, and there was Oksana, the tiniest, at the very end. The coach took the roll, and each child answered to his or her name. "Oksana Grishuk," called the coach, and we heard, "I, I am here, Valentina Vladimirovna!" Oksana used all her strength to stand on her skates, She followed every single instruction given by the coach, and followed her every move. On this day, she skated so beautifully (for me). The energy she used warmed her so much that she was able to remove her hat and gloves. Valentina Kasjanova asked all of us parents to go outside, and to leave the kids alone for a while. I went as well, and just like the others I peeked in where I could. I was worried that Oksana would fall down. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was flying on the ice. She even tried to improvise something with her hands that would suit the music. After this first training, Oksana waited until the others had parted, and asked the coach to show her some steps.

    There were many people in the changing room, children with their parents and grandparents. Children everywhere were changing clothes like mad, and looking at their new colleagues. Everyone wanted to give the others pieces of advice. I was in that changing room, too. I saw Oksana when she came in. In my eyes she now appeared years older. "Mama," she said, "falling down is not painful. Not painful at all." She changed so slowly from her skating dress, It was as if she wanted to have it on longer. Her hair was wet, and her cheeks were rosy. I fully understood her, and list ened to every single word that she told me. What a pity that I didn't have a recorder with me so I could have had her words for eternity. For who would have known that on this day an ice genius was born?


    Copyright Lüdmila Grishuk/Rohbeck

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