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    Memory about Pasha’s childhood from her mom

                                   Part 5

"Oh, please, let me use one pair!" Oksana begged her. My daughter would not give up, and in the end the coach asked, "What size do you take?" Oksana wore a 28, and the smallest size here was 30. The coach looked at us for some minutes, and finally said, "Wait here. I'll be right back." While she was gone, Oksana's mind was whirling. "Mommy! Is she really coming back? What do you think? Do you think I should put on my thick socks?" Suddenly, she grabbed my hand. "Mama! Are those the flying boots that she is carrying?" Oksana was very excited. "I think so," I said. The coach handed Oksana a pair of skates to try on. "They fit nearly exactly!" Oksana declared. The coach fingered the shoes and said, "No, they're too large for you. These are the smallest, and even they don't fit." I stuffed in some paper from a magazine that I was carrying, and Oksana tried the skates on a second time. "Now they are exact. My feet don't slip!" Oksana was shining with pleasure. The coach put her skates on as well and told Oksana, "You must stand straight with both feet. Come on with me." They went to the ice holding hands. Oksana stepped on to it carefully, first with one foot , then with the other. She looked down at her feet as if to reassure herself that the skates were really sliding. "What are you doing? Don't do anything without my saying you can do that. Skate with the left foot, and push with the right." I didn't hear anything else because they skated to the other side of the rink. There they paused, and the coach explained something to Oksana. She looked up at her with her mouth opened wide. After a while they came back to me, and the coach told me, "I can't believe it. She is skating straight away! I'm speechless. She is very special.

    Copyright Lüdmila Grishuk/Rohbeck

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