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"Pasha without doubt is the best female skater ever"

      (Ottavio Cinquenta, President of the ISU)

" Pasha is one of figure skating's brightest Stars and a true phenomenon. Only once

or twice in a century does a skater or performer come along that is blessed with pure talent

and charisma. Pasha is just that phenomenon"

(President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Piseev-ISU member)

      "Pasha has a mastery of edges like no one else. She does not simply skate

      - she truly flies over the ice!"

       (Olympic Champion - ISU Vice President, Mr. Gorshkov)"


    In her area of sport, Pasha has won more than somebody possibly could. She was in 26 international competitions of wich she lost not one. Four times she became the World Champion and two times Olympic Champion, becoming the best ice-dancer in all sport history, a living legend on ice.
    As the favourite of the audience she was revolutionary with "Rock’n Roll" in Olympia 1994, which became as original dance in Olympia 1998. In the 1998 Olympics she modernised the renaissance with her gold free program "Memorial". Pasha’s brillinat technique, highest speed, perfection on each of the smallest details, difficult athletic elements, always new ideas and her unequaled aura made her the most important iceskater ever

    “Her skating is captivatingly artistic, technique brilliant and spontaneous....Pasha is an intelligent and knowledge skater”. Her artistic plasticity and correct sense of style enable her to be natural in any of her performances. However, her artistic individuality is revealed to the greatest effect in modern-classic, she has a great affinity for classic’s lift intellectualism and romantic’s penetrating passion. Her intellectual analysis of the material is aimed at discovering the logic of emotional movement, her passion never gets out-it is subjected to the requirements of intellectual discipline. Her nobly poised manner rather than restrain her temperament and inner expressively enhances it’s dramatic  intensity.


    Pasha’s skating is full of emotion and captivate with the power and sincerity of the expressed feelings. Amazing is the beauty of the original dances. Unusual is their beginning in which one can easily see the artistic transformation.
    Pasha’s gift and vivid, sparkling talent manifested themselves very early. With her spiritual development technical skills were being complemented by a great scope of thinking, profound insight into the choreography concept, subtle phrasing and wealth of movements palette. And all this combined with the enchantment of youth and purity of emotions.  

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